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The Spy in the Ad Agency

How the Chinese regime uses ad agencies to steal proprietary information

According to a security and counterintelligence expert, Fortune 500 companies and the world’s media face a crisis. Chinese operatives are gaining control over the crucial nexus through which market intelligence is gathered and cash flows to media companies: ad agencies.

The issue is known to top executives at some of the largest companies in the United States. Five spoke off the record and gave a common answer: they’re aware, but cannot step forward for fear of retribution.

“They admit that it’s an absolute crisis,” said Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners Corporation, which does counterintelligence and protection of trade secrets for Fortune 500 companies.

Fleming said his firm has confirmed the Chinese regime’s targeting of ad agencies “through our volume of intercepts.”

A chief information security officer at a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm said the problem “is much worse than we previously thought.”

After having learned that spies were targeting proprietary information through their ad agencies, a chief executive officer at a Fortune 100 technology firm said, “We had no idea as to the relentlessness and depth the Chinese were willing to go to in obtaining our negotiating and pricing strategies.”

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