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2 Chinese Students Can Delay Finals While They Recover From Stopping Bus Knifeman

Two high-school students hurt while stopping a knife attack on a bus in Jiangxi Province are being allowed to take their Gaokao or national college entrance exams late.

The stressful, all-important gaokao weekend has just finished in China, with over 9 million students taking part.

Yi Zhengyong and Liu Yanbing, both 17, are recovering from the May 31 attack, after they stopped a man hacking at bus passengers with a kitchen knife, West China City Daily reported. You can watch surveillance video footage of the incident here.

Three other passengers were injured, and the man escaped, but was later caught by police. Yi received serious injuries to his hands, and Liu was badly hurt on his back and head, before he managed to take away the knife.

The boys have both been given the title “good Samaritan” by local authorities. In some parts of China, students are given an extra 20 points in their exam score for high moral standards, but this is not the case in Jiangxi.

Liu's mother holds up the blood-stained shirt he was wearing when he stopped the knifeman. (Screenshot/Tencent News)
Liu’s mother holds up the blood-stained shirt he was wearing when he stopped the knifeman. (Screenshot/Tencent News)

Although the two students still have to sit their gaokao, they have reportedly both already been offered places at university due to their brave acts.

Many netizens commented on the boys’ heroism, and Tencent ran a poll asking whether the boys should be admitted to college without testing. Of around 80,000 people who joined in, 72 percent said that they should be admitted.

A blogger whose post was upvoted nearly 3,000 times wrote about Liu: “He is indeed a hero, and what he did definitely should be praised. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s good at school. Therefore, it’s reasonable to let him get a separate “gaokao,” rather than be admitted to college without any testing. Who can guarantee that next time just before the gaokao, no fake heroes will appear?”

Another netizen wrote on Weibo: “Morality is much more important than the testing score. Hopefully they can be admitted to a college without testing.”

A third said: “They stopped a knife attack with their bare hands! Even when their gaokao date was approaching! How much courage and responsibility they must have. Is it fair for him to take a “separate test”? The injuries and mental pressure are much more severe than other students taking the gaokao.”

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