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COVID-19: Larry King Has Been Hospitalized

Popular talk show host Larry King has been hospitalized after contracting the CCP virus. The 87-year-old has spent over a week at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Initially admitted to the ICU with breathing issues, his situation is said to have stabilized with the Peabody Award winner now able to breathe on his own. 

While the China-centric World Health Organization (WHO) coined “Coronavirus Disease 2019” (COVID-19) for the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, we feel that “CCP Virus” is more accurate and appropriate, given the origin and spread of the disease. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) not only delayed notifying the world about the rapidly spreading disease and its human to human transmission for weeks at the beginning of the outbreak, but even arrested journalists, doctors, and whistle blowers in order to cover its tracks. 

Once his condition improved, King shared a video phone call with his three sons. “He and his sons thank everyone for the outpouring of support and can’t wait to get him home… They also thank the medical workers and staff at Cedars-Sinai and hospitals elsewhere who are providing care to so many people under extraordinary circumstances,” the family members said in a statement.

King, who initially worked as a radio DJ, became famous through the Larry King Live show in which he interviewed numerous famous personalities from across the world. The show ran on CNN prime time for around 25 years between 1985 and 2010. In recent years, King has been suffering from numerous medical conditions and has gone through a heart attack and stroke. A near-fatal stroke in May 2019 had sent the veteran into a coma for several weeks. Last year, he lost two of his five children, one to lung cancer and another to a heart attack.

Celebs and CCP virus

Many celebrities have been afflicted with the CCP virus since the pandemic began. 

Dwayne Johnson and his family members got infected with the virus in September. (Image: Wikipedia Commons Dwayne_Johnson_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival_2.jpg> CC0 3.0</a>)
  • In March, Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife contracted the virus in Australia. Both of them eventually recovered and donated blood and plasma to assist in the development of a vaccine.
  • In September, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, revealed that his entire family, including his wife and 2 daughters, tested positive for COVID-19. In an Instagram video, he called the event “one of the most challenging and difficult” circumstances he has ever encountered. They eventually recovered. “Testing positive for [CCP virus] is a lot different than recovering from nasty injuries, getting evicted or being broke, which I’ve been more than a few times… My No. 1 priority is to always protect my family and my loved ones … I wish it was only me that tested positive. It was my entire family and it was a kick in the gut. We as a family are good, we’re on the other end of it and no longer contagious. Thank God, we’re healthy,” he said in the video.
  • Jim Parsons, known for the role of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, revealed in September that he and his spouse were diagnosed with the virus in March. He recounted being shocked at losing the sense of smell and taste, calling it “brutal.”
  • Bryan Cranston, famous for playing the role of Walter White in the acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad, experienced mild symptoms of coronavirus in July. He donated his plasma for scientific research.
  • Robert Pattinson, who plays the central character in the upcoming Batman movie by Matt Reeves, was said to have contracted the illness last year. Though he hasn’t discussed his experience, Pattinson has survived the virus and is back shooting for the movie.
  • Idris Elba, known for playing the role of Heimdall in Marvel’s Thor movies, was infected with the virus back in March. He survived the infection and reminded people in a social media post to follow proper safety protocols like washing hands and social distancing.

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