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‘We Owe That to the People’: Why Ted Cruz and Senators Will Object to Electoral Votes

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has announced that he and 11 other senators will challenge the electoral results when the joint session of Congress convenes on Jan. 6. According to Cruz, the purpose of the objection is to force Congress to appoint an emergency electoral commission that will conduct an emergency audit of election results. It will then investigate the allegations of fraud. He calculates that the audit can be completed in 10 days, just before the new president is sworn in on Jan. 20. In a joint letter, the senators argue that their actions are not aimed at destroying the democratic process, but to protect it.

“We are not naïve. We fully expect most, if not, all Democrats, and perhaps more than a few Republicans, to vote otherwise. But support of election integrity should not be a partisan issue. A fair and credible audit-conducted expeditiously and completed well before January 20-would dramatically improve Americans’ faith in our electoral process and would significantly enhance the legitimacy of whoever becomes our next President. We owe that to the People,” the joint letter states. 

While Cruz has received the support of some Republicans for the objection, many other party members have opposed his decision. Republican Senator Mitt Romney called Cruz’s plan to object to the electoral votes an “egregious ploy.” Republican senators Pat Toomey and Lisa Murkowski have announced that they will vote against any attempt to challenge the election results. Majority Whip John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, expects Cruz’s challenge to fail. Some Democrats have suggested that Cruz should be arrested and tried for crimes of treason and sedition.

Democrats have a history of challenging electoral votes in Congress. (Image: pixabay CC0 1.0</a>)

Cruz dismissed such “angry language” and “hyperbole.” He said that it is the responsibility of Congress to resolve all concerns of election fraud or it risks damaging people’s trust in the election process. The Democrats’ accusation of Cruz being seditious is false since his planned challenge in the joint session is fully supported by the US Constitution. 

Ironically, Democrats have a history of objecting to electoral votes. In fact, the past three times a Republican has been elected as the U.S. President, Democrats in the House have raised objections to the electoral votes from GOP’s winning states. 

In the 1877 presidential election, accusations of election fraud surfaced. Three states had presented two sets of electoral ballots. A bipartisan electoral commission was set up to investigate the issue. The commission consisted of five House members, five Senators, and five Supreme Court Judges. In the joint letter, the senators argued that such a process should be followed this time. Once the commission submits its findings, the states can evaluate it and then convene a special session in the legislatures to certify a change in their votes if necessary.

Senator Cruz also critiqued the propaganda being spread about the Georgia runoff elections. The rumors stated that conservatives should stay at home on Jan. 5 election day, rather than coming out to vote in support of the Republican Party. 

“Look, I’m angry about the abuse of power that we’ve seen. Voter fraud is a real problem. It’s a persistent problem. It’s a problem in Georgia and across the country, but the answer isn’t to stay home and hand control of the government over to the radical left and over to the extreme socialists,” he told reporters. 

Cruz revealed that there is a massive “turnout operation” being conducted by Democrats in Georgia. He wants Republican supporters to help the Party win by a big enough margin so that the election will not be stolen.

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