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Multiple Witnesses Present Testimonies on Election Fraud in Georgia

Between Dec. 9 and 14, more than 40 witnesses spoke at the Cobb County Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia, revealing their experiences of alleged election fraud. Here are a few testimonies of alleged fraud claims given at the event:

Stefan Bissle

A resident of Clayton County, Stefan Bissle noted multiple irregularities during the voting process. A first-time voter, he went to register in March. To his surprise, Stefan found out that according to records, he had been registered to vote since Jan. 2018. When he contacted the office of the Secretary of State for an answer, he received no replies. When Election Day arrived, Stefan went to vote in person and took a picture of his ballot. 

“About a week later, I went to review the picture of my ballot. And I noticed at the bottom where a page number was listed, it said one out of two. I’m not sure what it’s for. I’m not saying that it’s malicious. However, when I contacted the Secretary of State’s office, I got no reply. When I contacted the Clayton County Office, I got no reply. I have seen another ballot from Fulton County and at the bottom of the page number says one out of one, I would just like an answer as to what that stands for,” he said.

Robin Hall

Hall was posted as an observer at the Georgia World Congress Center in Fulton County. On Dec. 9, she saw a stack of votes between one and two feet high for Biden and very few for Trump. Hall says that all ballots in those stacks looked pristine and perfect. The paper was absolutely flat and had no fold marks on it. The vote marks on these ballots were perfectly on the dot and did not look as though they were made by a person.

Lonny Vo

On Dec. 9, Vo witnessed something bizarre. She saw a 1,000 vote ballot go into the system and register as a 10,000 data entry vote for Democrat candidate Joe Biden. She reports that another person was also a witness to this event. This person approached the manager to get the error corrected. However, the manager apparently asked him to stay away and stop following him.

Casey Sullivan

While working on his shift, Sullivan noticed that most of the ballots that were being counted were absentee ballots that were “running about four or five to one for Joe Biden.” He points out that most of the ballots looked identical, made from the same color paper. The condition of the paper was similar and the ovals were colored in the same manner. The ink mark on the ballot did not seem to have been made with any type of pen.

Scott Vandiver

During a 24 to 25 hour period of reviewing ballots, Vandiver came across several groups of ballots that were missing the first page — which contained the presidential vote. The frequency of ballots with missing pages was abnormal according to Vandiver. Even though the vote was counted despite the missing page, it was not attributed to any candidate. Instead, such votes were placed in a “no vote” bucket.

Floam says that there was no way to prove whether the ballots were verified. (Image: Pixabay)

Catherine Floam

A resident of Cobb County, Floam worked as a monitor in the election. She strongly believes that the presidential election was not fair. “First and foremost, we were merely recounting paper ballots, we had zero way to prove whether the ballots were verified. We don’t know if the person had a legitimate ID, lived in the precinct they were voting, were alive, had moved out of the state. We don’t know if the ballot was cast on time. We don’t know if the Dominion voting machine actually altered the piece of paper once it was cast in person and then fed into the machine. We don’t know that the signatures match the database, how do we know that these people haven’t already voted?” she testified.

Debbie Fisher

Fisher worked in the hand recount and machine recount operations in Cobb County. She reviewed 298 military ballots on Nov. 16. Fisher was surprised at how clean the ballots were. There were bubbles on the ballots that were filled in perfectly. All ballots only had markings in black color and the circles were all perfectly colored in. She estimates that up to 90 percent of military ballots were in support of Biden. Fisher also saw several additional stacks of ballots that were completely in Biden’s favor. To witness such blatant acts of alleged fraud, Fisher was said to be distraught.

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