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Lin Wood Dares Smartmatic: ‘File Your Lawsuit’

Smartmatic recently sent a letter to lawyer Sidney Powell demanding that she retract her statements about the company’s involvement in election fraud. The letter accused Powell of engaging in a “concerted disinformation campaign against Smartmatic.” Attorney Lin Wood announced on Twitter that he would represent Powell if Dominion files the defamation lawsuit.

In the letter to Powell, the company argues that the following statements made by her are false: that Smartmatic was created under the instruction of Hugo Chavez; that its software was designed to manipulate elections; and that the company conspired to defraud the 2020 U.S presidential election by changing, inflating, and deleting votes.

Lin Wood is known for recently winning highly public defamation lawsuits against The Washington Post and CNN on behalf of his client, highschool student Nick Sandmann. 

Wood tweeted: “Knowing my background & experience in defamation law, Sidney @SidneyPowell1 asked me to represent her & respond to Smartmatic litigation threat. Since everything Sidney is saying about election fraud is documented TRUTH, my response to Smartmatic was simple & to the point.”

The tweet attached his official letter to Smartmatic, where he states that he is “not impressed” with the threat of litigation sent to Powell and she will retract nothing. Wood then dared Smartmatic: “File your lawsuit.” 

Smartmatic has been at the center of controversy for many years. In 2006, The New York Times published an article stating that Smartmatic had restructured itself into “an elaborate web of offshore companies and foreign trusts.” Democrat representative Carolyn B. Maloney, who had asked the Bush administration to look into Smartmatic’s takeover of Sequoia Voting Systems in 2005, said that there was an obvious effort to make the ownership of the company obscure. 

In 2017, the Philippine Department of Justice indicted Smartmatic personnel for their involvement in changing the script in the election transparency server on election night during the 2016 local and national polls.

Powell threatened

In 2017, the Philippine Department of Justice indicted Smartmatic personnel for their involvement in changing the script in the election transparency server on election night during the 2016 local and national polls.

In addition to threatening Powell, Smartmatic has also sent letters threatening litigation to Newsmax and Fox News. Newsmax ran a segment dismissing all allegations that the channel had made against the company. Fox News invited Eddie Perez, an expert for the independent Open Source Election Technology Institute, to share some ‘facts’ about Smartmatic.

Dominion has asked Sidney Powell to redact some of her statements. Image: Screenshot/youtu.be

Perez stated that he has not seen any evidence of Smartmatic software being used to alter votes or that U.S. voter data has been sent over to foreign countries. When asked whether Smartmatic has any ties with George Soros, Perez said that a Smartmatic executive had “some sort of relationship” with a Soros foundation. Interestingly, the retraction letter itself revealed that the Chairman of SGO, the company that owns Smartmatic, is the President of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

In Dominion’s letter to Powell, it states many of Powell’s statements were false, such as the company paid kickbacks to Georgia to secure a “no-bid” contract to be used in the recent presidential election. Dominion accused Powell of “knowingly or recklessly” slandering the company.

During a recent Michigan Senate hearing, Dominion CEO John Poulos claimed that there were no deleted or switched votes involving the company’s voting machines. Russell Ramsland, who authored the report of the 22-Dominion machine audit in Antrim County, refuted Poulos’s statement in an interview with Newsmax. 

“The CEO needs to read chapter 11.0 in his own user’s manual because it describes the algorithm. It describes the various options for using the algorithm, and it says it does both as fractions — exactly what we reported and exactly what we saw in the log. So he needs to, I guess, go find his own product and understand how it really works, because he’s dead wrong,” Ramsland said in the interview.

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