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A Sneak Peek Inside the Hunter Biden Rabbit Hole

Navy veteran Tony Bobulinski is a partner and CEO of the firm SinoHawk LLC. Other partners include Ye Jianming, Hunter Biden, James Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), James Gilliar, and Rob Walker. One of the people responsible for bringing him into the position as a CEO was Hunter Biden. 

According to corporate records obtained by The Epoch Times: “Hudson West IV, a limited liability corporation controlled by Ye, owned half of SinoHawk. Hunter Biden and his partners owned the other half through Oneida Holdings LLC, which they in turn owned through five more corporate entities, one for each partner, as the corporate documents (pdf) show.”

On Oct. 22, Bobulinski called a press conference at a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, where he revealed some startling facts about the Biden family. Up until then, Hunter’s business dealings were quite murky, and whether his father was part of it was still more unclear. But, through this conference and subsequent investigations, Joe Biden’s involvement in the matters of a shady family business and his rather prominent role within it, were brought to the fore.

“On May 2, 2017, the night before Joe Biden was to appear at the Milken conference, I was introduced to Joe Biden by Jim Biden and Hunter Biden. At my approximately hour long meeting with Joe that night, we discussed the Bidens’ history and the Biden family’s business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar,” stated Bobulinski.

“On numerous occasions, it was made clear to me that Joe Biden’s involvement was not to be mentioned in writing but only face to face. In fact, I was advised by Gilliar and [Rob] Walker that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement secret.”

Tony Bobulinski says that Hunter wanted to run SinoHawk as his personal piggy bank. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

According to an email obtained by Fox News dating back to 2017, Hunter Biden extended “best wishes from the entire Biden family” to Ye Jianming and requested him to urgently wire $10 million to “properly fund and operate” SinoHawk Holdings. But the $10 million wire did not reach SinoHawk.

Bobulinski waited for the payment and tried to get in touch with Ye, but was unsuccessful. He could only deal with Ye’s underlings based in the U.S. and China who came up with various excuses for the delay. Biden admitted to being Ye’s personal counsel, and Bobulinski was wary of the nature of Biden’s dealings with Ye and the way he handled things.

Bobulinski never got the funding he was promised, but learned later through Homeland Security that Hunter had received the money through other channels.

According to Senate Homeland Security Committee:

  • On Aug. 4, CEFC (China Energy) Infrastructure Investment (US) LLC transferred $100,000 to the bank account of Owasco, Hunter’s law firm.
  • The company again transferred $5 million to Hudson West III (another of Ye’s company) a couple of days later.
  • From then on, regular payments, totaling $4,790,375.25, over a period of one year flowed into the account of Hunter’s firm from Hudson West III. 
  • Then, on Sept. 8, Hunter, along with Ye’s U.S. associate, Gongwen Dong, applied for a credit line. According to The Epoch Times: “Hunter Biden, James Biden, and James Biden’s wife, Sara Biden, were authorized users for the credit cards linked to the accounts. They subsequently used the credit cards to buy more than $100,000 in luxury items, including airline tickets and multiple items at Apple Inc. stores.”

Bobulinski told reporters that Hunter merely wanted to use SinoHawk as his personal “piggy bank,” while Bobulinski wanted to run the company as a legitimate entity. This is apparently why Hunter employed alternate channels to funnel Ye’s investment.

‘The Big Guy’

Further emails revealed the true intention and “purpose” of the funding. “This $5 million loan to BD family is interest-free. But if the 5 M is used up, should CEFC keep lending more to the family?” Zhao Runlong, another one of Ye’s men wrote to him, referring to the Biden family as “The Big Guy.”

Among other emails detailing remuneration packages and partnership details, it was revealed that Joe Biden owned a stake in the businesses through shares held by Hunter. Joe is referred to as “the big guy,” said Bobulinski.

In the emails, Hunter was not happy with his 850K package, which eventually led to a standoff between him and Bobulinski. Hunter argued that Ye came on board only because the Biden family was involved in the company.

“May not be fair but it’s the reality because I’m the only one putting an entire family legacy on the line/ and if you think it’s reasonable that I turn the keys over to someone that I’ve spent less than 12 hours with than that makes me nervous. So I’m asking you to do us all a favor and find a different way to alleviate your worries,” said Biden in the company chatroom.

The discussions escalated to a point where Hunter wanted to physically fight with Bobulinski. Basically, Hunter wanted control of the company, but Bobulinksi was not willing to cede control of it and just watch the Biden family conduct business from the sidelines. 

Bobulinski replied: “…if you are so worried about your family, you wouldn’t be doing this because as u said, all of your dad’s lawyers and any lawyer would advise you and Jim not to touch this with a 100 foot pole…So if you are willing to take a risk so be it, I am willing to stand by your side and take risk as well but there has to be balance in governance and the board.”

Bobulinski came forward with the testimony after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) referred to the Bidens’ overseas business dealings as “Russian disinformation.” Joe Biden supported the claim, along with other democrats.

“And so, I called [former business partner] Rob Walker and I told him that if that statement isn’t retracted by Congressman Schiff by midnight on Sunday, that I was going on record, and I was disclosing all the facts to the American government, to the American citizens, and the world. I was hoping the Bidens would do the right thing, or Schiff would retract his statement,” Bobulinski said on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight

According to an audio recording played by Tucker, Walker responded: “Ah, Tony, you’re just going to bury all of us, man.” SinoHawk never took off and started operations in full capacity. 

Ye Jianming had significant ties to the Chinese military; his CEFC China Energy was China’s largest private oil company with operations spanning Russia, Africa, and Europe. In 2018, the company came into conflict with the communist bosses in Beijing. Ye has been reported missing since then. CEFC was taken over by the government, and the company eventually declared bankruptcy in 2019.

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