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Pennsylvania to See More Election Legal Action

Boris Epshteyn, President Trump’s campaign advisor, said that the state of Pennsylvania will see more legal action very soon. In an interview with War Room Pandemic, Epshteyn noted that he does not want to reveal the details as to what exactly they are planning to do in terms of legal action. However, he did say that the Trump team will be addressing some of the concerns raised by the Supreme Court, including their argument in the Texas lawsuit that the state could not sue Pennsylvania since they did not have any legal standing.

“The Supreme Court only rules on what’s in front of it. On this specific lawsuit, they believed Texas didn’t have standing. That’s all they said. They didn’t talk about the fraud; they didn’t have a hearing. A lot of the mainstream media is assigning more weight to this decision than there is. It was only a procedural decision by the court. And we move forward. We continue to assess other legal options as well. Mayor Giuliani laid out the possibility of filing suits in federal district court that have similar claims as the one that was laid out in the Texas case,” he said to Hamodia.

The election results continue to be challenged in battleground states even as the Dec. 14 electoral college voting date passed. This has resulted in an alternate slate of electors being chosen in seven states. Epshteyn pointed out that the Dec. 14 voting is not a deadline as far as the legal process is concerned. He argued that what is important is that states like Pennsylvania did choose to send a Trump slate of electors, thus giving the president a shot at a second term.

In October, the Supreme Court refused to block a Pennsylvania state ruling that allowed mail-in ballots to be counted even when they were received three days after the Nov 3. election date. Epshteyn noted that some of the fraudulent votes seen in the state could have been avoided if the State Legislature had done the right thing and decided to adhere to state laws that limit mail-in ballots as well as decrees that the mail-in ballots must be observed and inspected. Legal expert Ken Starr had called the decision to allow mail-in votes after the election date a “constitutional travesty.”

At a Senate panel hearing held on Dec. 16, Starr lashed out at Pennsylvania’s last-minute election law changes. Starr affirmed that it was highly possible that courts might rule that Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State was wrong in changing voting laws without first getting approval from the state legislature. “There’s a very important principle here as I made in my opening statement and in my written statement. Constitution is very clear that it is the prerogative of state legislatures to determine what these rules and laws are. And that was, I must say, flagrantly violated in Pennsylvania, and perhaps elsewhere as well,” he said at the hearing. Starr also pointed out that the 2020 presidential race saw an “unprecedented use of mail-in ballots.”

Ken Starr says there was an unprecedented use of mail-in ballots during this election
Ken Starr says there was an unprecedented use of mail-in ballots during this election (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

In addition to the legal action in Pennsylvania, Epshteyn revealed that the Trump team was also looking to challenge Wisconsin, where people used the CCP Virus pandemic to declare themselves “indefinitely confined” so as to be able to register votes through absentee ballots, without providing any identification. As to the question of whether the Texas lawsuit dismissal would negatively affect the Republican Party’s chances at the Senate runoff elections in Georgia next month, Epshteyn did not agree with such an assessment. He said that Georgians were energized in their fight for election integrity. Epshteyn remarked that their work at the state-level lawsuits was ongoing, pointing to a lawsuit filed in Georgia that highlighted the issue of 400,000 illegally cast ballots.

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