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Arizona to Subpoena Audit of Dominion Voting Systems

Senator Eddie Farnsworth, Chairman of the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee, has announced that he will be issuing a subpoena to audit the Dominion machines and software at Maricopa County, the largest county in the state. He made the declaration at a public hearing in which officials from the county notified legislators that though they wanted to conduct an audit, their lawyers had advised against such a move due to ongoing litigation.

Clint Hickman, Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, pointed out that should the audit of voting machines in their county show errors in election results, it will help in convincing Congress to file objections to the state’s electoral votes. Republican electors of Arizona had recently cast their votes for President Trump. The electoral votes of all states will now be counted on Jan. 6 when the Senate and House of Representatives meet during a Joint Session of Congress.

Sidney Powell wants all voting machines to be impounded. Image: Screenshot/youtu.be

“I recognize and I will state that the chairman (Maricopa County) has been very clear in saying that he supports an audit, but as long as the constraints exist because of ongoing or additional litigation, they don’t feel like they can perform an audit, which continues to leave our constituents feeling like, maybe this election was compromised.”

Auditors to check Dominion software and ballots

“So with that said, it is therefore in my intent to exercise my authority as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and, with the full support of the Senate president, to issue subpoenas in an effort to audit the equipment software and ballots,” Farnsworth said at the hearing.

Farnsworth’s announcement comes amidst an audit conducted in Antrim County, Michigan, which concluded that the Dominion systems were designed with the purpose of manipulating votes.

In an interview with “American Thought Leaders,” pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell remarked that all voting machines across the United States should be impounded and sent for forensic analysis. She also noted that Trump could invoke special powers under his 2018 executive order on foreign interference during elections. This will allow the President to impound the voting machine and even appoint a special prosecutor to look into the vote fraud issue. In Michigan, legislation bodies have empowered the House Oversight and Senate committees to issue subpoenas to Livonia suburb and Detroit so that officials can investigate voter fraud.

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