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When Lawlessness Abounds in The United States of America

When people in the United States in key positions turn corrupt, the whole agency and organizations within its influence, including the people working for these companies, all fall under its deteriorating sway. When a director turns bad, the business concern steadily veers off the righteous course to reflect general lawlessness. When individual loyalty is geared towards authority, rather than specific ethical values, all assets typically follow suit.

The “deep state” (an accusation of collusion and cronyism within the U.S. political system that constitutes a hidden government within the legitimately elected government) has been touted as a classic example of a “conspiracy theory” by mainstream media and influential people in power. The theory states that there are people or groups of people in specific positions of the government who do not work for the welfare of the public they serve but instead for vested interests. This has been the case throughout history — corrupt government officials have existed since there were governments. So why is calling certain public servants corrupt suddenly a conspiracy theory? Unless, of course, you are part of the scam.

There has been widespread election fraud substantiated by numerous lawsuits, thousands of witnesses, and unshakeable evidence that has come forth in recent days. One good thing about massive fraud is that it brings to the fore corrupt individuals who, during other times, would have remained hidden in the background. Emboldened by a perceived triumph, these people venture into the open, revealing true intentions and real loyalties. 2020 has been a revealing year.

The deep state is a reality

Many people have now realized the extent to which the United States has turned corrupt. Extensive and permeating malfeasance from the investigating agencies to the judicial system are preventing the election fraud from being analyzed, and the criminals from being convicted. Any common man with half-a-sense could see clearly that there is a problem when there are more votes than the number of eligible voters. Why can’t the investigators with skilled technical expertise and experience with fraud find any wrongdoing?

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The Deep State include people in the government who work for vested interests rather than public interest. (Image: via Pixabay)

The investigating organizations like the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA have played a questionable role during the course of President Donald Trump’s years in power. The CIA, headed by former director John Brennan, carried out the Russia collusion “scam” along with the fake news media apparatus that hounded the American public day-in and day-out with how Trump snatched the election from Hillary Clinton with the help of the Russians. After millions of dollars wasted and the public thoroughly duped, Trump was exonerated without any evidence against him. 

John Brennan went on and tasked the FBI to start an illegal investigation into the Trump campaign. Former director James Comey carried the torch of the Russian Collusion until he couldn’t run anymore. The DOJ prevented the investigation files from being made public. Spygate was essentially covered up by Obama-era administration officials who wanted to take out Trump any way they could.

President Trump has been one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history, with historical records on unemployment levels, stock market runs, and a popularity that few leaders throughout human history have known. His administration increased security through strengthening the military and building walls to prevent illegal immigration; Trump did not start any new wars, held diplomatic talks with North Korea, brought back soldiers, and ensured peace in the Middle East through historic agreements between Israel and Arab nations. Trump was the first president in the history of the nation to get more than 70 million votes. With a strong stance against Communist China, condemnation of religious persecution, lower taxes, decreased expenditure for health care, and an increasing number of jobs; people: — white, black, yellow, and Latino — came out in droves to voice their support for the president. 

The corrupt establishment could not allow this president to go on for another four years. This would mean a disintegration of their fiefdoms, and so, as a last straw, they cling to the faux election results. And they have engaged their corrupt assets in the DOJ, FBI, and the courts to close their eyes and ears regarding election fraud. 

FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed before the election that there was no evidence of election fraud. Wray-led FBI has now been accused of harassing witnesses that have come out in support of election fraud. Wray still considers white supremacy to be a major threat despite the numbers proving otherwise. He also considers Russia, rather than China, to be the primary antagonist.

The FBI is currently in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop and files from the late Seth Rich who was murdered in 2016. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Parker said in an email to The Epoch Times that the bureau is “currently working on getting the files from Seth Rich’s personal laptop into a format to be reviewed.” When Texas plaintiff Brian Huddleston filed for the release of documents related to Seth Rich, the FBI replied that this would take them at least 8 to 10 months. 

“Some of my colleagues suspect the Trump Administration has pushed the release, but I doubt that,” Huddleston’s lawyer wrote to The Epoch Times. “With the purported election of Joe Biden, the FBI brass probably think they are in the clear, and nothing will ever happen to them, so they no longer have any reason to hide what they did.”

A Biden term will ensure that administrators will follow Obama-era rules and values, which have brought us into the present situation. A clean-up at the helm is necessary now to improve the situation, as the upper echelons have been infested the most, while lower levels of field officers are still striving for the security of the nation, with as much love for the country as any American.

Independent watchdogs need to be brought in, and the corrupt organizations need to be rectified with law-abiding individuals positioned at the helm if America wants to become the moral rights enforcer it always was. The institutions running the country determine the fate of the country. With the current situation, there needs to be a major change soon, before the republic falls like all great empires of the past. 

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