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Can Votes Be Manipulated With Dominion Software?

An election supervisor from Georgia’s Coffee County recently demonstrated how votes can be manipulated using Dominion Voting Systems. The two demonstration videos were published by a local news site, Douglas Now. According to the owner of the site, Robert Preston, the videos were filmed at a local election office.

As demonstrated in the video, Dominion’s software allows the changing of votes through an “adjudication” process that enables vote marks to be added to a scanned ballot by an operator. In addition, vote marks that already exist on ballots can also be invalidated. Normally, adjudication is used to resolve issues that arise due to voters incorrectly marking their ballots. For instance, a voter might fill the bubbles in a manner that makes it difficult to determine who they have voted for. In the videos, Coffee County supervisor, Misty Martin, shows how the Dominion system can be configured in a way that ensures all scanned ballots, including blank ones, can be adjudicated. This allows the operator of the voting machine to mark a vote on these ballots. According to Misty Martin, an operator can change votes without leaving a trace as to which ballots were modified and by whom.

Dominion BMD system does not produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot. Image: (Screenshot / YouTube)

The videos also suggest that the adjudication process can be conducted by any operator even without the presence of an observer, which brings into question issues related to transparency. According to Georgia law, the adjudication process allows for a bipartisan citizen panel to review ballots that are flagged by the system. Such ballots are flagged when the system is not sure of voter intent. By law, the panel must include one representative from the Democratic and Republican parties as well as an election worker. However, it is not clear how the adjudicated ballots are tracked and if they have been done by a bipartisan panel. 

When The Epoch Times asked Fulton County spokesperson Jessica Corbitt information about people who were present on the citizen panels and whether video footage can verify the activities of the panel, they received no response. As of Nov. 4, more than 106,000 ballots have been adjudicated in Fulton County. Joe Biden has a lead of about 12,000 votes over Trump in Georgia. 

Dominion has a history of Legal problems

Dominion Systems has a history of being embroiled in lawsuits that questions their qualification of being used in elections. In one lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg pointed out that the Dominion system bought by Georgia did not fulfill the requirements as mandated by state law.

Totenberg noted that Georgia Election Code’s “statutory provisions mandate voting on ‘electronic ballot markers’ that: (1) use ‘electronic technology to independently and privately mark a paper ballot at the direction of an elector, interpret ballot selections, communicate such interpretation for elector verification, and print an elector verifiable paper ballot;’ and (2) ‘produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector.’”

However, the judge found that the Dominion BMD system does not produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot. Neither does it generate a paper ballot that is marked with the voter’s choices in a format readable by the voter. This is due to the fact that the votes are tabulated from the unreadable QR code. What this means is that Dominion basically fails to fulfill the legal requirements that the State of Georgia necessitates from a voting system.

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