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The 2020 Presidential Election: 8 Flagrant Irregularities

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The 2020 presidential election might be remembered as one of the most fraudulent in U.S. history. Numerous witnesses and experts have attested to repeated anomalies in voter processing as well as the violation of election rules. While mainstream media, big tech, and many from the political left have projected Biden as the winner, Trump supporters and officials from both political parties are challenging election results in court due to alleged election fraud. These are eight glaring irregularities.

  1. Biden allegedly won more national votes than any other Presidential candidate in American history. However, he only won 524 counties. In contrast, Obama won 873 counties in 2008, but totaled 10 million fewer votes.
  2. During election night when Trump was comfortably ahead in many swing states, vote counting abruptly stopped. Observers were removed from the counting zones and counting resumed. The voting trend then drastically shifted with hundreds of thousands of votes. In almost a statistical impossibility, 90 percent of these votes went to Biden.
  3. In Pennsylvania, almost 50,000 votes stored on 47 USB cards disappeared. Biden only has an 80,555 vote lead in the state. In addition, cybersecurity expert Phil Waldron recently testified at the GOP Pennsylvania Senate Policy Committee hearing that there were abnormal spikes during vote processing. During one such incident, 570,000 votes went to Biden while Trump received only 3,200 votes. Waldron states that during these spikes, large numbers of votes were processed at a rate that is not possible when compared to normal processing speeds.
  4. In Georgia, when 89 percent of the votes had been counted, Biden overtook Trump. During the final 53 batches of counted votes, Biden led Trump by the exact amount of 50.05 percent to 49.95 percent in every single batch. It is extremely unlikely that they held the exact same difference of voting percentage throughout the final 53 batches.
  5. Data expert Justin Hart’s analysis of real-time tabulation during Election Day in Pennsylvania shows that there were 25 instances when votes got subtracted from the total. Trump ended up with a net loss of 97,676 votes during these reductions. In contrast, Biden ended up with 160,000 more votes due to these “subtractions.” Hart is puzzled as to why votes would be deducted from a candidate. Votes should only get added, never subtracted to a tally. “There’s just a lot of opaqueness into exactly why that was. I don’t have an explanation for it. Because it’s all a black box… We basically have a bunch of information at the end of the pipe, we have some of the information in the beginning of the pipe, and I have no idea what’s happening in between,” Hart told The Epoch Times.
  6. Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said that 60 witnesses have attested to seeing ballots being “produced” quickly and counted two or three times in the state of Michigan. The entire scheme affected between 60,000 to 100,000 ballots. In some precincts of Michigan, an unusually large number of overvotes were also recorded. 
  1. Matt Braynad’s Voter Integrity Project found that votes were made in the name of people who had moved away from the state. The number of such fraudulent votes is so high that it surpasses Biden’s lead over Trump in three states — Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona. “This election, it appears to me, has been decided by ballots that are highly questionable. They’re anomalous,” Braynard told The Epoch Times.
  2. Phil Kline from the Amistad Group says that up to 288,000 ballots that had been shipped from New York disappeared in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He received this information from a U.S. Postal Service subcontractor. Together with the ballots, even the truck transporting the ballots disappeared.
To illustrate US congress
The Congress will count the presidential electors’ votes in January. (Image: Pixabay / CC0)

The Trump campaign is fighting the election irregularities and challenging results in six states. The presidential electors will cast their votes for the President and Vice President on Dec. 14, 2020. The votes will officially be counted by Congress in January 2021.

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