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Big Tech-owned ‘Lead Stories’ Attempts to Debunk Fulton County Video Evidence

New fact-checking outlet Lead Stories has claimed to debunk the video evidence in the Fulton County ballot-counting case at State Farm Arena in Georgia, but fails it make a strong case.

In a video by NTD, Jackie Pick, a lawyer that was volunteering assistance to the Trump legal team goes through the video evidence. The video shows that at around 10 p.m., a woman with yellow braids told everyone to leave for the night, except for four people. Earlier on November 3, this woman put a large black table with a tablecloth in the middle of the vote-counting area at around 8 a.m. After this woman told the majority of the counters and observers to leave as ballot counting was over, the four remaining people pulled out multiple suitcases of ballots from underneath this table. 

Lead Stories claims that the people who were told to leave were just “cutters” whose job was only to open the absentee ballots. They stated: “The media and party observers were never told to leave because counting was over for the night, but they apparently followed workers who left once their job of opening envelopes was completed.” 

ABC News, however, reported that the Fulton County public affairs manager Regina Waller said: “The election department sent the State Farm Arena absentee ballot counters home at 10:30 p.m.”

Lead Stories has claimed to debunk the video evidence

An NBC news outlet reported: “The media and the party monitors were not given notice that counting would continue into the early morning hours and they should have been.”

Lead Stories also claims that although partisan observers were not present, an unnamed state election board monitor was present, but that monitor said in a phone call to Lead Stories that he left the processing room earlier in the evening, then came back from 11:52 p.m. to 12:45 a.m. This still leaves a gap from around 10:30 p.m. when nearly everyone cleared out until 11:52 p.m. Further, it was at around 11:00 p.m. that multiple people were recorded on video taking containers of ballots out from under the cloth-covered table. 

Image: YouTube/Screenshot

Furthermore, witnesses say that during the day the election board monitor was both sleeping and on his phone, and that Republican observers were kept at a distance from meaningful observation of ballot counting. 

There were many claims that a burst water pipe delayed the vote counting, but in actuality, it was a malfunctioning urinal that did not damage ballots. Nor were the counting process or the integrity of the video evidence affected. 

According to the Federalist, there were voting problems in Fulton County prior to this election, resulting in a requirement for them to be independently monitored. The Federalist also reported that the fact-checking news outlet Lead Stories is funded by Facebook, Google, and ByteDance.

ByteDance is a multinational, Beijing based Internet company reportedly worth over $100 billion US dollars. It has a Chinese Communist Party committee, as do many Chinese companies. It created TikTok, which has Chinese Communist Party ties and has been deemed a national security threat by President Donald Trump. Vice President of ByteDance Zhang Fuping is a Communist Party member and according to Human Rights Watch, Fuping and his committee regularly gather to study President Xi Jinping’s speeches and pledge to follow the Party in technological innovation. 

Fox News reported as of December 7 that the investigation remains open and investigators are continuing to look into the incident. 

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