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Giuliani: 3 State Legislatures Might Change Electoral College Voters

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, mentioned that state legislatures from Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona might end up sending in their own group of electors to the Electoral College. He pointed out that such a move is in line with the American constitution.

The lawyer says that members from the GOP are “disgusted” by recently released video footage from the State Farm Arena that showed election officials pull out containers filled with ballots from under a table. This occurred after poll observers left for the day after being told the day’s tabulation was completed. Giuliani said that lawmakers from Georgia have already started a petition to hold their own session.

“They’re [Georgia] the first legislature to do this now… This is a constitutional role that the founding fathers gave to our legislatures. They’re the ones who are supposed to select the president, not the governors, not the board of elections. They’re the ones who have the constitutional obligation to decide on the electors… Michigan is considering the same thing… They’re not quite as far along, but they are drafting something right now, and so is Arizona, so those three … could very well end up in front of the legislature to decide who the electors are,” Giuliani said on a Fox Business program. 

Trump’s legal team was permitted to audit 22 Dominion machines. Image: Screenshot/YouTube.

In the event that states change electors, the decision as to whether the change was reasonable would be made by the ballots. Giuliani believes that the three states have enough evidence of election fraud and irregularities to sustain the challenge in the Supreme Court.

Trump Team auditing 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan

In Michigan, President Trump’s legal team examined and took images from 22 Dominion vote tabulators from Antrim County on Sunday. The county initially reported Biden as the winner. However, results were later corrected, with Trump winning by several thousand votes. State officials claimed the inaccuracies in the initial reporting occurred due to programming errors by a clerk and not because of any fault with the Dominion systems.

The legal team was scheduled to conduct the forensic investigation for about 8 hours on Sunday. The results are expected to be out 48 hours after the conclusion of the investigation. The audit has been sanctioned by Judge Kevin Elsenheimer in response to a lawsuit filed by voter William Bailey. The suit alleged that during a recent recounting of ballots in a village marijuana proposal, some of the ballots were damaged. The judge’s order does not mention the presidential election. However, Trump’s legal team was also granted access to conduct an audit, according to Trump attorney Jenna Ellis.

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