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Unconventional Warfare in Arizona: Retired US Army Colonel Describes Election Interference

Ret. Army Colonel Philip Waldron, before a select panel of Arizona legislators and the President’s legal team, described U.S. election interference related to Dominion voting machines that he witnessed in Detroit as well as specific data points related to elections in Arizona.

Waldron found specific instances in Arizona where the ballots entered within a given timeframe “exceeded the ability of the scanners to process in that timeframe.”

Specifically, he said he found “an injection spike at 8:06:40 p.m.,” in which “143,000 votes were injected in excess of what the machines could have processed.” Maricopa county used Dominion machines while Pima county used an ES&S machine with the same functionality. He said many machines carry the questionable code in their DNA.

To the intent audience of decision-makers, Waldron explained that the complexity of the machinations surrounding the elections was capable of causing confusion to the American people and should be recognized as a kind of psy-ops, that is, a psychological operation carried out by a threat actor or actors.

Ret. Col. Phil Waldron, former U.S. Army cybersecurity expert and a witness to alleged election fraud, claims that more than a million votes in Pennsylvania could be invalid.
Ret. Col. Phil Waldron, former U.S. Army cybersecurity expert and a witness to alleged election fraud, claims that election interference was run as a kind of psy-op in Arizona. (Image: YouTube / CC0 1.0)

Waldron said he is part of a team who has researched the election machine issue since August and that they have now joined with another team that has studied the issue for two years. He said Dominion was used fraudulently in 2018 in the Ted Cruz vs. Beto O’Rourke race, as well as in the election for Kentucky governor.

Waldron served in the U.S. military as an air cavalry officer, running psychological operations and electronic warfare. He also served as an Information Officer for Information Warfare. Regarding the fraudulent election interference and the possibility of coordination by outsiders, which he gave witness to before the panel, Waldron said: “The American populace is facing an unconventional warfare scenario.”

‘Multiple insertion points’ for election interference 

As an element used to carry out this kind of election interference operation, the Dominion machines, according to the tactical expert, were designed to cause people “in a foreign country to think and act in a certain way,” he said. People are manipulated when they believe the undermined process is providing them with real results, which could actually be manipulated by a number of actors, including foreign influencers, as the machines have “multiple insertion points.”

Waldron explained that despite the assurances of fired CISA director Krebs, the elections we’re not secure due to serious deficiencies, including Internet connectivity during tabulations, which Krebs had said was not present. Waldron explained that not only did the Dominion manual instruct to connect ethernet cords to the router, his team in Michigan on election day observed considerable spider-graph activity in the network indicating increased use, as well as packets going to a server in Frankfurt, Germany.

Waldron also reasserted Dominion’s origins as SGO (Smartmatic), a vote-fixing solution for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Dominion has claimed it has no ties to Smartmatic or Venezuela. Waldron explained that Sequoia, which was acquired by Dominion, spun off of SGO; he said Sequoia was involved in a serious miscalculation of the Chicago vote in 2007. He also shared that Dominion was on Mr. Krebs’ Election Security Council.

The cybersecurity expert also explained that there were “spike anomalies” in the processing of ballots through voting machines. These anomalies indicate that a large number of votes were processed during a very short period of time that is mechanically impossible under normal circumstances.

Of the number of votes represented by such “spike anomalies,” Waldron estimates that around 570,000 of them went to Biden while just a little over 3,200 were counted for Trump.

Voting systems used in America are connected to the Internet and servers outside of the U.S., according to Waldron. “They’re connected from the top to the bottom and the middle. There is no transparency… as to how the voter information is processed, how and where it’s stored,” he said.

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