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Mexican President Declines Accepting Biden Win

Mainstream media all over has proclaimed Biden as winning the U.S. elections even though the results are still being contested in some key states. Several countries have also recognized Biden’s victory claim. However, the President of Mexico, Andres Obrador, continues to remain adamant on his stance of not congratulating Biden until the final results are out.

While speaking to reporters recently, Obrador stated that he does not believe in offering congratulations in advance and that the best thing to do for Mexico is to wait and see who ends up becoming the President. During President Trump’s tenure, Mexico forged a strong relationship with the United States, a fact that the Mexican president has acknowledged several times. The Mexican President notes that Trump has been very respectful to Mexico, and has signed beneficial agreements. He thanked Trump for not interfering in Mexico’s affairs.

Obrador recently spoke out against the mainstream media silencing of Trump when he talked about election irregularities. “In the country of freedoms, of the free press, all of a sudden they censor the president… It is not anything–this had not been seen before. The media censors. I am talking about the U.S., because in Mexico we are used to that,” he said at a news conference.

‘No bad relations’

Now, just because Obrador has a good relationship with Trump does not mean that he views Biden with negativity. Obrador said that he had met Biden for the first time about 10 years ago and that they had talked about several issues. The Mexican President reiterated that “there are no bad relations” with regard to Biden. It’s just that he feels it is too early to jump the gun, and would rather wait for the President to be declared officially.

Leftist media have condemned Obrador for his refusal to recognize Biden as the President. Some are calling Obrador’s action “a diplomatic blunder.” Jesus Garcia, a Democrat Congressman from Illinois, warned Obrador not to “miss the boat.” The Chinese have recognized Biden as the winner of the Presidential elections. Xi Jinping congratulated Biden on his win, and Beijing is believed to have already opened a backchannel with his team.

Palestinian Islamist terror group, Hamas, has also hailed Biden’s win, with a spokesman calling the Trump era a “negative one.” President of Iran expressed happiness at Biden’s possible presidency and has asked the Democrat leader to “compensate” for Trump’s “mistakes.”

By Deepak Rangan

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