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Trump Legal Team Details Election Fraud to American Public

The legal team for the Trump campaign held a press briefing on Nov. 19 to outline the evidence of election fraud they have collected since election day. If they are successful in proving their cases in court, they expect to win the presidential vote counts in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

As noted by former mayor of New York City and President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, over 1,000 witnesses had already stepped forward with sworn affidavits, “under penalty of perjury,” to describe the irregularities they witnessed during this year’s election process.

“There were many more affidavits here. I’d like to read them all to you, but I don’t have the time. You should have had the time and energy to go look for them. That’s your job!” Giuliani excoriated the gathered press. He continued: “It is your job to read these things and not falsely report that there’s no evidence,” because affidavits constituted evidence.

He highlighted four people who stated they witnessed election fraud in Detroit: “Four affiants here — those are people who give affidavits — report an incident that under any other circumstances would have been on the front page of your newspapers, if it didn’t involve the hatred that you have, irrational, pathological hatred you have for the president.”

Another member of Trump’s legal team, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, detailed the connection between Dominion Voting Systems, used in over 30 states in this year’s election, and late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. She referenced an affidavit from a former Venezuelan official, who witnessed how the voting system rigged elections for Chavez.

Calling the use of Dominion as “consummate foreign interference,” Powell charged that the firm was backed by communist money from Venezuela, Cuba and potentially China, because these U.S. adversaries wanted to remove Trump from office. She questioned why election officials allowed a voting system linked to Chavez to be used in US elections and alleged that over US$100 million were spent in this year’s election to entice election officials to use Dominion.

In the press briefing, the team stated Trump had “multiple pathways to victory,” and detailed election fraud in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin that cast doubt on the legality of a large volume of votes.

Giuliani: Trump won Pennsylvania by 300,000 votes

On election night, poll watchers were prevented from inspecting the vote counting process in Philadelphia. Giuliani stated about 682,000 ballots were entered into the vote count without proper inspection, making them null and void. Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania is approximately 69,000 votes. If those 682,000 ballots were removed, Trump would likely regain his lead in the state.

In Pittsburgh, around 15,000 people who tried to vote on election day were told they had already voted, and therefore were given provisional ballots. This phenomenon, according to Giuliani, was indicative of large-scale mail-in vote fraud. These 15,000 voters were only the tip of the iceberg, there was no telling how many inactive voters ballots were cast without their knowledge.

Giuliani also noted that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two Democratic strongholds in the state, had violated state law by allowing voters who improperly filled out their ballots to re-vote, or “cure their votes.” Since voters in other parts of the state were not allowed to re-vote or make corrections if their ballots were invalid, election officials in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh violated the equal protection afforded by the Constitution.

A map showing Trump campaigns multiple pathways to victory, with likely wins in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia

Detroit: Truck showed up in the middle of the night

According to Giuliani, around 60 people witnessed a truck pull up to Detroit’s TCF Center around 4:30 a.m. on Nov. 4, which unloaded thousands of ballots placed in garbage cans, plastic bags, and other open containers. The ballots seemed hastily filled out, as they all voted only for Biden but none of the down-ticket candidates. Under the supervision of Dominion employees, these ballots were run through the tabulation machines multiple times, creating around 300,000 votes for Biden. Biden’s lead in Michigan is currently around 120,000.

Wisconsin: 100,000 absentee ballots are invalid

The story in Wisconsin is a little different. According to Wisconsin state election law, a voter can only receive an absentee ballot by filling out an application. The state was forbidden to issue an absentee ballot without an application. Milwaukee and Madison received 60,000 and 40,000 absentee ballots respectively that had no accompanying applications. On top of that, GOP poll watchers were also prevented from inspecting the ballots in those cities on election night.

Once those 100,000 illegal ballots are removed from the tally, Biden’s 20,000-vote lead in Wisconsin may well evaporate.

Giuliani also pointed out that many precincts in Michigan and Wisconsin had voter turnouts exceeding 100 percent.

Jenna Ellis, Trump’s legal advisor and another member of the legal team, compared the press briefing to the opening statement in a trial. She stated the president’s team intended to bypass the “fake news” media and tell the American public what they were prepared to prove in court. Their objective, she said, was not to overturn an election, but to preserve and protect election integrity for all American people.

See full press briefing here

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