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The Innocent Macaque Monkeys of Taichung

Uncle Guo, who grew up in Dakeng, Taichung, as a farmer’s son, often chased off the Taiwanese macaque monkeys to protect his orchard from their hunger. Now he has opened up his orchard to them and has coexisted peacefully with the wild macaques for nearly 25 years. He also uses unique whistles to communicate with the monkeys. Their way of getting along with each other is fantastic.

As soon as I entered the park, children were playing at blowing bubbles. The monkeys on the side grabbed at the bubbles curiously. They looked adorable. Some monkeys grabbed using one hand, and some monkeys grabbed using both hands. Of course, some monkeys were watching from the side.

There is also a monkey family. The monkey mother helped the little monkey catch fleas, just like a human mother helps her children to take care of themselves.

As well as the cute macaques in the park, there are also stone monkey paintings. I admire the staff in the park. They are so imaginative to paint all different shapes of stones so vibrantly. If you like monkeys, please come and visit the monkey park.

The monkey mother helps the little monkey catch fleas, just like a human mother helps her children to take care of themselves. (Image: Trip Advisor)

Uncle Guo shared his experience with us about what the monkeys like to eat. There are more than five kinds of local fruits and vegetables, including pineapples, bananas, guavas, pumpkins, and oranges, that monkeys enjoy. He said that the monkeys are used to going out to gather food early in the morning. Uncle Guo saw most of the monkeys were thin and malnourished and had to collect food going from one mountain to another. So he gave them some food to eat.

However, Uncle Guo only gave traveling monkeys food. This way he hopes that the wild monkeys can maintain the ability to survive on their own and he can also provide the monkeys with unsold fruits. He is delighted to see the monkeys growing up day by day, and they can also play freely in his park. He is also pleased to see the peaceful coexistence of natural animals, plants, and human beings.

The monkey king and monkey queen usually eat first followed by the monkey group’s family members and little monkeys. It seems very unreasonable, but in fact the monkey king and monkey queen only take five to six fruits and stop eating. They always distribute a large amount of food to the family members and little monkeys. We just happened to take a photo when the little monkey buried his entire face in the pineapple and happily enjoyed it.

Uncle Guo is delighted to see the monkeys growing up day by day, and they can also play freely in his park. (Image: Trip Advisor)

If you want to learn more about the macaque park, I provide the following information and announcements for readers’ reference. I hope that with the easing of the international epidemic, you can visit Taichung, Taiwan, to have a good time with these cute elves.

  • Park name: Guo Shushu Macaque Ecological Park
  • Address: Next to Trail No. 4, Zhongzheng Camping Area, Dakeng, Taichung City
  • Google Map:Guo Shushu macaques ecological zones
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mr.kuo520/

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