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Did Dominion Software Rig the US Election?

Dominion Voting Systems, the company that serviced voters in dozens of U.S. states for the 2020 presidential election, has come under scrutiny amid mounting claims of ballot fraud. 

In the election this year, Dominion systems began to enter the public eye when Michigan’s Antrim County found that 6,000 Trump ballots were mistakenly transferred to Biden. Michigan’s secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, said that the mistake was an isolated human error and had nothing to do with the software itself.

In Gwinnett County, Georgia, where the system is used, a software problem delayed the vote count, and Dominion technicians were able to fix the problem by Nov. 8, allowing the county to count the remaining ballots that day.

According to former federal prosecutor and Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell, the supposed software glitches were likely deliberate. She also said Trump’s legal team had “so much evidence” to prove voter fraud, “I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

Most media outlets have called the Nov. 3 election for Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, but President Donald Trump and his campaign have filed lawsuits to dispute the ballot counts and electoral processes in key swing states. More than 10,000 allegations of voter fraud have been collected, according to the Republican Party national convention. 

Electoral manipulation

“It was designed to rig elections,” Powell said Sunday (Nov. 15) on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program.

“They can stick a thumb drive in the machine, they can upload software to it even from the Internet … from Germany or Venezuela even,” Powell said. She also claimed that operations “can watch votes in real-time” and “can shift votes in real-time,” or alleged bad actors can “remote access anything.”

“We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used — and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden, Powell said regarding the software.

“It should never have been installed anywhere,” she said.

Powell also said she was collecting evidence that certain governors and secretaries of state have profited from their ownership of Dominion shares by investing in voting machines to either ensure their own election or to benefit their families.

Dominion has high-level ties to the Democratic Party, with top Democrats such as Pelosi, Obama and Clinton all having interests in the company. Richard Blum, husband of California Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein, is a major shareholder in the company, and Pelosi’s chief of staff is a key executive. William E. Kennard, executive director of the firm’s controlling private equity, Staple Street Capital, has held key positions in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Notably, Kennard was chairman of the Federal Election Commission during the Clinton administration. 

According to the National Pulse, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that between 2014 and 2020, nearly 96 percent of the 96 political donations made by Dominion employees went to democratic candidates. 

Donor employees are positioned throughout the voting system, software developers, network engineers, software production specialists, and implementation managers.

Dominion released a statement on Friday denying allegations such as flipping votes from Trump to Biden, and called the fraud charges “100% false.” 

In an earlier interview with Fox, Powell alleged that the Democratic Party also used the Dominion system to manipulate its internal elections, such as the defeat of socialist candidate Bernie Sanders in the primaries. 

Vulnerable election infrastructure

Democrats have also raised concerns about election software. 

On Dec. 6, 2019, Democrat senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Ron Wyden issued a letter to the private-equity firms that control the three largest U.S. election technology companies, questioning the “vulnerabilities” in voting infrastructure and the “incredible power” that vendors have in negotiations over local and state governments. 

The letter was addressed to three investment groups with stakes in voting infrastructure: H.I.G. Capital, the McCarthy Group, and Staple Street Capital, the private equity that owns Dominion Voting Systems.

The letter cites data from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, when the three election technology companies serviced 90 percent of U.S. voters.

In the 2020 election, Dominion software was used in 30 states. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hart InterCivic, which was owned by H.I.G Capital, was “quietly sold” this April.

The letter from the Democrat legislators also points to a number of specific problems, such as voting machines tampering with votes counted for the 2018 mid-term elections in South Carolina; in Missouri, scanners rejecting paper ballots; and in Indiana, broken machines leading to long wait lines. The letter also notes that in the early 2000s, there were about 20 election technology suppliers competing in the market, but many have since merged and only a few control “the vast majority of the market.”

Sen. Warren, who ran unsuccessfully to become the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate, told the Wall Street Journal that private-equity firms “have taken over nearly all of the nation’s election technology — and how they do business is clouded in secrecy.”

Powell, the Trump campaign lawyer, argued that the alleged election fraud warrants national security investigation, especially in light of knowledge that many of the parts used in its hardware had come from Communist China. 

Dominion CEO John Poulos had stated at a congressional hearing in January that the system contained Chinese-built components, such as LCD touch screens, control boards, and AI processors. 

A December 2019 report published by supply chain risk management company Interos said that one-fifth of components used by the U.S. voting infrastructure come from Chinese suppliers. 

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