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Save Money by Avoiding the 4 Most Common Mistakes of Car Maintenance

Every driver knows that the more wear and tear a car experiences, the sooner it will break down and lose value. Therefore, continual checks and maintenance are required to make the vehicle last as long as possible.

It is possible that some misconceptions about car use might lead to high expenditure on maintenance bills. Avoiding these misunderstandings may save you a lot of money over the years. What are these erroneous conceptions?

Setting high tire pressure

Many drivers think that with high tire pressure, less oil will be consumed, so the driver will set high tire pressure while driving. However, this might lead to flat tires and malfunctioning of the brakes, which is very dangerous. So be careful not to set high tire pressure while driving unless the car is fully loaded and going on a long journey.

A car's tire.
Many drivers think that with high tire pressure less oil will be consumed. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Not using the car

For various reasons, some people might not drive their car frequently, thinking this will help them save money. This thinking is incorrect. A car sitting idle for a long time might suffer some damage. Cars drive more smoothly if frequently used.

Adding too much engine oil

Many drivers believe that adding more engine oil will help it last longer, so they prefer to add more engine oil while doing regular maintenance. However, there is a standard range for engine oil. The car will be damaged if the engine oil is higher or lower than the set range on the dipstick.

A mechanic wipes oil off a dipstick.
Engine oil level should not be higher or lower than the set range on the dipstick. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Car wax

Many owners wax their cars frequently to make them look like new. However, frequent use of wax might erode the car’s paint. To avoid damaging the paint, wax the car less often.

Translated by Audrey and edited by Helen

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