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Elmer Yuen: The CCP Is Becoming More Isolated and Reckless (Part 2)

Hong Kong industrialist Elmer Yuen recently gave an interview in which he spoke about how reckless the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is becoming and warning of a faction within the Party pushing for more aggressive action against the United States. See Part 1 here.

The CCP crossed the line in Hong Kong and antagonized Western nations

When Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Europe in early September (2020), many countries were still coming to terms with the Hong Kong nightmare created by the CCP imposing the National Security Law. The German Foreign Affairs Minister strongly urged Beijing to revoke the draconian new law and to reinstate the 2020 Hong Kong Legislative Council election that was originally scheduled for September 6. Some commentators went so far as to claim that Wang Yi’s European trip was a complete waste of time.

Mr. Yuen commented that the CCP greatly misjudged the whole situation. The CCP thought that passing the Hong Kong National Security Law was no big deal. They thought it would be acceptable to Western countries because the environment would be more stable with fewer demonstrations against the government, thus making it more conducive for everyone to make money.

Mr. Yuen pointed out that the CCP only recognizes money and power, and does not understand the universal values of the Western world. In actual fact, the West attaches great importance to democracy, freedom, and human rights. Westerners and Hong Kong people share the same thinking. Westerners feel that human rights in Hong Kong have been violated, and this, to a certain extent, is a violation of the universal values of the West.

Hong Kong street
The CCP thought that Western countries would accept the Hong Kong National Security Law since it would make the environment more stable and more conducive for everyone to make money. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Hong Kong, like the West, implements common law in which judges are responsible for settling disputes between parties when there is a disagreement on what the law is. But the CCP does not understand this kind of law. The CCP’s law is used to protect the regime and suppress the people. Yuen cited last year’s proposed bill to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance as an example, saying that the bill was supposedly aimed at corrupt officials from mainland China that reside in Hong Kong.

However, Hongkongers believe that everyone will be affected under this law regardless of whether they are corrupt officials or ordinary people. This caused widespread protests that resulted in the anti-extradition movement. “These communists do not understand human rights at all!”

In the same way, the United States is upholding human rights today. “Today, the CCP can violate the rights of the Hong Kong people, then tomorrow it can also violate the rights of the Americans.” The United States participated in World War II and attacked Japan based on the same concept.

The United States supports ‘Five Independences’

Mr. Yuen recently initiated a signature campaign to support his move to persuade the U.S. government to negotiate with the CCP to reinstate the Hong Kong Legislative Council election. So far, he has collected 120,000 signatures and hopes the number can be greater. Since the 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries held in July had a turnout of over 600,000, he is trying to obtain more than 600,000 signatures.

Mr. Yuen emphasized that the Hong Kong people’s continuous resistance is very important. “It’s only when you resist oppression first, then others will help you.” He commented that the United States is supporting Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Southern Mongolia to become five separate independent countries. If the U.S supports the “Five Independences,” it will not be a simple matter for the CCP to counter as the CCP is very weak. China’s economy is also weak and its international relationship with other countries is also weak.

Hong Kong protesters
Mr. Yuen emphasized that Hong Kong people’s continuous resistance is very important. (Image: Studio Incendo via flickr CC BY 2.0 )

Only a matter of time until the CCP surrenders

Mr. Yuen pointed out that the entire Western free society is isolating the CCP. He stated that at present, there are about 500,000 CCP members living in the United States and they have been given the option by the U.S. government to either quit the CCP or be returned to China. He also said that U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo is in the midst of establishing an anti-communist front.

This front will not accept any communists in the future and will isolate the CCP completely. It is not intended to encircle but to isolate and not interact with the CCP — meaning it will cut off all kinds of contact with the CCP. The CCP is being beaten and it’s only a matter of time before it surrenders.

Recently, the CCP fired four ballistic missiles into the South China Sea, which Mr. Yuen views as an act a war. Internally, the CCP has two factions — one is in favor of peace and the other in favor of war. Most of the retired CCP veterans are in favor of peace, whereas a faction of the army is in favor of war. The two factions are in constant dispute. Xi Jinping is caught between them and is under a lot of pressure. Mr. Yuen said following the incident with the missiles, the U.S. will definitely not sit back. He expects major events to happen soon.

(Image: Conal Gallagher via flickr  CC BY 2.0 )
Most of the retired CCP veterans are in favor of peace but a faction of the army is in favor of war. (Image: Conal Gallagher via flickr CC BY 2.0 )

Yuen also commented that the CCP has every intention of openly opposing the United States. However, since U.S. President Trump launched a trade war, financial war, and also strengthened the U.S. military as soon as he took office, Xi Jinping has no choice but to immediately counter the U.S. on all fronts — in the fields of military, science, and technology — even though the CCP is still not ready. At present, the CCP is biting the bullet in its confrontation with the West.

Finally, Mr. Yuen hopes that more people will awaken and join the anti-communist ranks. He also hopes that everyone will support his signature campaign.

Translated by Chua BC and edited by Michael Segarty

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