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Elmer Yuen: The CCP Is Becoming More Isolated and Reckless (Part 1)

The relationship between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the United States is becoming increasingly tense. Elmer Yuen, a Hong Kong industrialist residing in the U.S., described the current situation as a “perfect storm.” He revealed that there are two factions in the CCP — one is in favor of peace with the U.S. while the other is in favor of going to war. Xi Jinping is now torn between the two factions and has been under pressure as to what steps to take next. At the present time, there is no way the CCP could win a war with the United States. But even though it is not yet ready to fight the Western world in terms of military, science, or technology, it has been forced to carry out its planned confrontation 15 years ahead of time.

The CCP only recognizes money and power and is ‘not a friend’!

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen used the slogan “Hong Kong today, Taiwan tomorrow” during her re-election campaign, while emphasizing that voting for her meant choosing democracy and freedom. This campaign issue successfully won over the voters. Currently, U.S. President Trump is seeking re-election. Can he use Tsai’s approach as a reference? In bringing the story of the Hong Kong people’s struggle to the United States, Mr. Yuen said that whatever happens in Hong Kong will happen in Europe and even North America in 10 to 20 years’ time.

Mr. Yuen further relates that the CCP will first bully small neighboring countries, extend its policy to the Middle East and Central Asia, and later to Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and finally North America through the “Belt and Road Initiative.” Mr. Yuen also raised the case of the Czech Republic, which was previously persecuted under communist rule and has now awakened. He further elaborated that all of Eastern Europe has awakened because they have been ruled by communists and they know what that fate is like. “Their fathers and forefathers had been oppressed just the same as ours, and it is miserable!”

belt and road project
The CCP will first bully small neighboring countries and eventually extend its policy to Western Europe and North America through the Belt and Road Initiative. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Yuen bluntly said that the CCP does not have a friend. Wang Yi, foreign minister of China, visited Europe in early September (2020) with the intention of winning over the European countries to the CCP’s side. Mr. Yuen pointed out that even though the pandemic caused by the CCP coronavirus has not yet ended and people are dying every day, Wang Yi did not even say a word about it as if the whole thing never happened. No doubt, economic relations are important, but attempting to deceive one’s trading partners is insulting to them. However, the CCP is completely incapable of understanding this bit of logic.

Mr. Yuen asserted that the CCP only recognizes money and power, and it does not understand the true nature of integrity or dignity. The CCP thinks that with money and power, it can bully others into doing what it wants. He said that the CCP officials whom he had been in contact with before believed that “propriety, justice, integrity, and modesty” are all empty words or vague notions and that instead, they view the present plundering system as being more realistic.

However, Hong Kong people are the opposite and believe that “democracy” and “freedom” are the most practical ideals and have dedicated their lives to pursuing them. He added that those who pursue money and power are very low-level. On the dispute between the CCP and the U.S., the difference is in the concept of values.

Trump may not be humble, but he does practical things for the United States

Mr. Yuen said that Trump is a very good person, but life as a business executive leads inevitably to arrogance. “The President is a public servant of the people and his authority comes from the people.” In Yuen’s opinion, Trump runs the country like a CEO running a company. He is not humble about it at all. This is unflattering, so he has been criticized by outsiders.

Mr. Yuen praised Trump for his first-rate action ability — 90 percent of what he promised voters has been fulfilled. In his view, Trump has performed very well in handling the epidemic and through providing funds to help people. He has also done a good job in dealing with the CCP and has responded quickly to their actions, making him the first person among all U.S. presidents to dare to defy the CCP.

President Trump
Mr. Yuen praised Trump for his first-rate action ability — 90 percent of what he promised voters has been fulfilled. (Image: The White House / CC0 1.0)

It is Mr. Yuen’s belief that even though many Americans oppose Trump on the surface, they will still vote for him secretly because Trump has done a lot of practical things for Americans.

Translated by Chua BC and edited by Michael Segarty

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