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Why This Taiwanese Student Asked the WHO Director-General for an Apology

COVID-19 is not only shaking the world and leaving thousands of people short of breath. As a recently published YouTube video shows, the geopolitical implications of how influential organizations and leaders are dealing with the CCP coronavirus outbreak is also causing public outrage and a lot of social media responses. 

An open letter to the WHO Director-General

Taiwanese student Vivi Lin, studying infectious diseases in the UK, recorded a video in which she reads her public letter to the WHO (World Health Organization) in response to the WHO’s Director-General’s recent criticism of Taiwan. 

screenshot of Taiwanese Student Vivi Lin in a Video on her YouTube Channel, shocked about the WHO General-Director ' accusations against Taiwan.
Taiwanese student Vivi Lin reading her letter. (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

According to the Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Taiwan is allegedly linked to a racist campaign and threatening remarks made against him recently. In her video, Vivi Lin expresses her shock and how saddened she is about the accusations against Taiwan. 

The student further explains why the WHO’s accusations against Taiwan are  “misleading.” She furthermore questions how such “allegations could come from a supposedly respected health professional and the head of the world’s most influential international health organization.”

Watch the video of An Open Letter to Dr. Tedros, Director-General of the WHO in response to his accusations against Taiwan, or read the transcript below.

Here is a copy of the open letter from the YT Channel Vivi Lin to Dr. Tedros, the Director-General of the WHO, in response to his accusations against Taiwan during the April 8 WHO press conference.

To understand the relationship between Taiwan, the WHO, and China, you need to be aware of the following facts.

Dr Tedros and the WHO’s ties to Beijing

The WHO and Taiwan have quite a history. Especially when it comes to the role Mainland China plays. For decades now, China has been using its influence — as one of the five permanent veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council — to prevent Taiwan from participating in WHO programs or playing any role in it at all. 

Many experts are critical of Dr. Tedros’ and the WHO’s objectiveness when it comes to China and Taiwan — especially since he became elected with the strong support of China, which claims that Taiwan is its territory.

Beijing’s scrutiny about not being open and transparent about the CCP coronavirus outbreak

Dr. Tedros strongly backs Beijing’s claims despite the many facts and evidence showing Beijing’s attempts to suppress early reports about the outbreak of COVID-19. In light of Beijing’s lack of transparency, Tedros also echoes the CCP’s criticism of the U.S., without one mention of scrutiny toward Beijing. 

Taiwan has one of the most stable health systems in the world

While Taiwan has been barred from the UN and has been stripped of its observer status at the WHO’s World Health Assembly, it has one of the most stable public health systems in the world. 

The country has received much praise recently for how it has been handling the CCP virus outbreak and its COVID19 cases. 

Even though Taiwan is in such close geographical proximity to China — there is frequent travel to and fro, from both sides — Taiwan has only reported 379 cases of CCP coronavirus infections and five deaths from COVID-19. 

Africans in China are now being evicted from their homes

The BBC has recently reported that Africans in China are being evicted from their homes over CCP coronavirus rumors. Several African ambassadors in China have written to the county’s foreign minister to express their complaints about “stigmatization and discrimination,” the article explains.

What happened was that early last week, unverified rumors began circling cities like Guangzhou that African communities had become “a new hotbed for the coronavirus.” As a result, Chinese officials soon after began door-to-door testing in which they allegedly only targeted African immigrants. 

According to a report by Foreign Policy,  China will do anything to deflect the CCP virus blame linked to the advent of COVID-19.

Putting it all into context

It takes quite some effort to cut through the smokescreen currently being created around the question of COVID-19. But it seems the louder the accusations get, the more apparent the accurate picture becomes.

As the dots are connecting, they seem to lead down a rabbit hole. A rabbit hole that is leading to a truth which many dare not touch because it may be very inconvenient to a specific group of individuals.

A truth many dare not touch or speak about due to the fear of being ridiculed, or falling victim to media censorship, the fear of economic sanctions against critics opposing this machine of propaganda, or even fear of persecution.

It is ironic how the actual authorities responsible for the extent of the CCP virus outbreak are slowly exposing themselves by trying to evade the light of public scrutiny.

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