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China’s Current Eye Health Landscape: Plans and Current Developments

In Chinese, there’s a famous saying: “Treat your Eyes like your Treasure!”

Your liver and your eyes are closely related in traditional Chinese medicine, and the Chinese believe that a strong renal system may prevent people from aging.

In hospitals, newborn babies are usually checked for jaundice, a typical liver affliction that shows a yellow color in the skin and eyes. Your liver is your body’s most important organ after your heart, carrying out many important functions, including metabolic processes, removal of toxins, and the development of important substances such as blood clotting factors. A weak liver may affect your memory, mood, body weight, thyroid, and sleep.

In iridology (a particular system to evaluate the overall health by examining the irises of your eyes), each and every body organ is linked to the iris via the central nervous system. The neural fibers receive their signals through the optic thalami, optic nerve, and the spinal cord.

Normally, when your eyes are strong, your energy will reflect all parts of your body. This approach sustains the particular function of your liver. Speaking of choosing the right prescription glasses to improve your eyesight, Firmoo.com is a reliable optical store for prescription glasses. It doesn’t matter how complex the case is, Firmoo’s state-of-the-art prescription process makes the purchasing of eyeglasses online easy and simple to comprehend, while their experienced customer service associates and competent, authorized opticians can help people with any queries they might have.

How does China help children with their eyesight?

China has about 500 million students today. Chinese kids usually start their formal education at the age of 2. Citizens ought to attend schools which are free for at least 9 years for high and middle school. In accordance with statistics from China’s Ministry of Education, China usually has a 98 percent attendance rate for primary schools.

Although the kids are going to schools, they’re required to be a part of the planned fitness workouts that also include “eye movements.” According to a research study from 2016, a high percentage of children from the majority of schools in China don’t need to wear eyeglasses.

asian girl, school outfit, white shirt, black dress, glasses and hair held back
A high percentage of children from the majority of schools in China don’t need to wear eyeglasses. (Image: Pixabay; Pixabay Lisence)

Taking previous lessons from domestic and international experiences, the research group analyzed China’s current health situation both across the country and in 3 regions that reflected different stages of socioeconomic advancement. The Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China (MOH) synthesized and reviewed China’s achievements in applying the particular health-related MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and discovered barriers and gaps in dealing with certain health problems. According to past tendencies, they expected the accomplishment of the health-related SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in particular areas.

The purpose of the 2-year plan, financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is to support the Chinese federal government to implement and develop achievable, yet effective, health plans to achieve the health-related SDG goals. As a result, the executive agency of the state, directed by Shenglan Tang, the Mary D.B.T. and James Semans International Educator of Medicine and Global Health at Duke University and executive director for global health programs at Duke Kunshan University in China, recommended evidence-based strategies for both local and central government authorities.


Eye Qigong in China

In the late 1980s, there was a renowned master known as Grandmaster Weizhao Wu. He traveled a lot due to his project and one day returned home to his mother. At that time, his mother, who was in her eighties, had blood coming from her eyes. She was going to become visually impaired. Grandmaster Wu was initially a qigong master who was associated with scientific studies for China. He experimented an innovative form of Eye Qigong and taught this to his mother. Simultaneously, he was doing external qi transmission to his mother’s eyes. His mother promptly recovered.

This phenomenal result triggered a series of new scientific studies in China.

Due to this achievement, huge numbers of people have employed this trend throughout China, including students in secondary and primary schools. China presented different awards for this achievement.:

This Eye Qigong program was later named Wu’s Eye Qigong.™

How does qigong help the eyes?

When people are young and strong, they have good blood circulation and lots of energy. Chinese people refer to this as “strong qi.” When qi generally flows, it brings bloodstream to nurture all parts of the body. When you’re sick or weak, besides using medicines or traditional Chinese medicine, you can easily use qigong to circulate the qi. When the qi circulates freely, health issues are reduced.

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