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A Family’s Harmony Is in the Hands of the Parents

Harmony in the family comes when the father’s emotional intelligence level is high and the mother’s emotional state is good.

There is a story about a 10-year-old girl who woke up one morning and threw a tantrum at her mother while saying a lot of hurtful words. Her mother sadly shut herself in her room and this is when the father skillfully untied the knot between mother and daughter.

The father wrote down 10 things that the mother had done for the daughter and let the daughter acknowledge them one by one.

Did your mother feed you since you were small? Did your mother buy you delicious food? Did your mother buy you clothes? Did your mother take you on trips? Did your mother buy you a lot of presents? Did your mother take you to the movies? Did your mother buy gifts for your friends and classmates? Did your mother feed the pets that you love? Did your mother care for you when you were sick, accompany you for injections, and even cry for you? Did your mother love you? So, what have you done for your mother?

The daughter paused to answer each question as she read the list. (Image: via pexels / CC0 1.0)

The daughter paused to answer each question as she read the list. When she saw the last question, she burst into tears. The daughter ran to her mother and apologized. At that moment, all the grievances and anger were dissolved. They embraced and hugged each other.

The father’s warm heart not only brought back the smiles of the mother and daughter, but also added happiness and sweetness to the family.

Mother’s emotion determines the warmth and happiness of a home

When the mother always maintains a gentle and loving appearance, the child will grow up happily and freely.

Recently, the mother and daughter watched a cartoon called Peppa Pig. They were moved by Mommy Pig.

Mommy Pig always had a gentle appearance and very seldom yelled at the kids even when they were naughty because she could calmly handle the situation. In the gentle and free atmosphere, Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig were always loving. Peppa Pig and Brother George always maintained their innocent and childlike behavior, with a full sense of security and could play and grow freely.

Mother’s emotion is hidden in father’s emotional intelligence

I have seen a passage before: “A mother’s emotion is the thermometer of a family and a father is the control button of the thermometer.”

Father can use little actions to help Mother adjust the “temperature” of the home and turn the home from gloomy to full of sunshine.

Since childhood, I had a quick temper. After becoming a mother, I was often confused and irritable due to some unexpected situations. Fortunately, each time, my husband played the role of a “fire extinguisher” to extinguish my anger before it burst out and in this way, the family always maintained a happy atmosphere.

Fortunately, each time, my husband played the role of a ‘fire extinguisher’ to extinguish my anger before it burst out. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

At one time, my daughter often stayed up till midnight and woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t stand it and always got angry. My husband saw I was irritated and always urged me to go to sleep while he stayed up to accompany our daughter.

When I praised my daughter’s beauty, he would add a sentence: “You are as beautiful as your mother.”

When I called my daughter “Little Princess,” he would come up with the compliment: “There is a big princess and a little princess in our home.”

A mother’s emotion is inseparable from a father’s love, and even inseparable from a father’s emotional intelligence.

The high emotional intelligence of a father can quickly identify and overcome a mother’s emotional changes through jokes, praise, and so on, to help the mother quickly get out of her negative emotion and to maintain a relaxed and happy mood.

Translated by Cua BC

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