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SingularityNET: The Next Step in AI Evolution

The AI industry is largely a monopoly of a few tech giants. SingularityNET seeks to disrupt it by providing a decentralized marketplace that would allow AI developers from across the world to connect to users. What makes SingularityNET even more interesting is the fact that it allows for the possibility of AIs to learn from one another.

Decentralized AI marketplace

SingularityNET allows companies, from the smallest of businesses to the biggest corporations, to get in touch with AI developers who may already have the perfect solution for their problems. This allows for businesses with limited funds to find an AI developer that suits their budget. In addition, highly specialized AI developers can also be easily discovered through SingularityNET. Without such a decentralized marketplace, businesses would have to deal with the big-time AI firms, wasting valuable time and money in the process.

“Say someone has a computer system doing something, and they would like AI to do it better. Unless you’re Google or Tencent, you’re probably not going to build your own AI — you’re going to be making your software grab AI from some software package or API. Those are the customers,” SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel says in an interview with Forbes.

SINGULARITY NET bringing skynet to the blockchain! 7-10 screenshot
A decentralized AI marketplace will have the same effect in the AI industry as eBay had on online shopping. (Image: Screen Shot/ Youtube)

A decentralized AI marketplace will have the same effect in the AI industry as eBay had on online shopping. Shoppers were able to find weird, hard-to-locate, rare, and niche items from eBay, something that they couldn’t do with other regular online stores. SingularityNET will serve such customers very well by helping them find the exact AI developer they want no matter how specialized their need might be.

“If we extrapolate the evolution of open source to the AI world, today we are somewhere in the 1990s in which the value creation of software was controlled and influenced by a few companies…  In that world, decentralized AI is the new open source, except that the impact in mankind can be [an] order of magnitude more impactful to mankind,” Jesus Rodriguez, Managing Partner at Invector Labs, writes in an article at Medium.

AIs learning from other AIs

SingularityNET also opens up an exciting new possibility — it enables AIs to interconnect with each other, creating a network of AIs where each one can teach each other and learn from each other. This is possible since SingularityNET is built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology that allows sellers and buyers to interact with one another without a middleman. And the cumulative effect of such a networked AI can be huge.

“Data is the fuel of machine learning, but even for machines, some data is hard to get — it may be risky, slow, rare, or expensive. In those cases, machines can share experiences or create synthetic experiences for each other to augment or replace data. It turns out that this is not a minor effect, it actually is self-amplifying, and therefore exponential,” Singularity Hub quotes Hod Lipson, professor of mechanical engineering and data science at Columbia University.

In essence, SingualrityNET will potentially end up creating a massive general AI that has no central controller. Instead, it will be made up of several small, highly specialized AI that allows for the general intelligence to benefit from each AI component. And this also means the AIs that are deemed more useful for a specific purpose will be allocated more resources.

In essence, SingualrityNET will potentially end up creating a massive general AI that has no central controller. (Image: A Health Blog via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

This also means AI’s will gain unprecedented power through knowledge and central connectivity. And there will be no one to monitor or keep control.

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