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How Chinese Universities Are Strictly Controlled

Tan Song, an associate professor at the former Chongqing Normal University, was arrested and imprisoned by the police for investigating China’s violent and bloody land reform movement from the 1950s, the anti-rightist campaign to purge intellectuals, the Wenchuan earthquake that brought to light corruption by local officials who ignored building standards and used shoddy materials for school construction so they could pocket the money they saved, and the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre in which students demonstrating for democracy were killed by the government. He was forced to leave China last year and went into exile. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

According to Tan Song, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls the colleges and universities nationwide with an iron fist, and students and teachers are being terrorized.

In China’s colleges and universities, the June 4th Massacre is a forbidden subject. He said that any teacher who dares to talk about it in class runs the risk of being fired or arrested.

The June 4th Tiananmen Massacre is a forbidden subject in China’s colleges and universities. (Image: Screenshot / Youtube)

Tan Song knew of a student who learned the truth about the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre from the Internet and says that by learning about it, the student brought the persecution from those times onto himself. He said: “This student received a short video about June 4 from his friend. He uploaded it onto the campus network where it was quickly discovered. At the time of discovery, there were thirty-six students who had downloaded the video. The police came and talked to all of them, one by one, and gave warnings. The student who performed the initial upload was taken away. Now no one knows of his whereabouts.”

Tan Song said that in today’s Chinese universities, cameras are widely installed in the classrooms, and information workers are trained from among the students. “The teacher’s every move in the classroom is monitored. How do you imagine that the university teachers can teach under these circumstances? The information system is the informant system. The information workers will report whatever the teacher said in the classroom. When the information workers graduate and join the Party in the future, it is of course beneficial. Under this circumstance, the Chinese universities stay silent.”

In today’s Chinese universities, cameras are widely installed in the classrooms, and information workers are trained from among the students. (Image: Screenshot / Youtube)

After Tan Song came to the United States, he found people were constantly warning him: “Be careful, don’t go to any activities, and don’t say anything. You should pay attention, pay attention, pay attention…” He said that there were many people in China who stopped him like this. After coming overseas, they do the same: “Try to stop me, persuade me.”

Although Tan Song lives in the U.S., he still lives in fear. He is currently stepping up work on his manuscript. In this book, he will reveal to the world some of the major historical facts that China has long concealed and distorted.

Translated by Yi Ming

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