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Ancient Recipe to Make Rice for Disease Prevention and Longevity

In modern times, people use tap water to cook rice. However, the ancient Chinese developed a recipe for cooking rice that was based on adding a small amount of magical water for disease prevention and longevity. What was the magical water? It was the water from brewing tea, which ancient Chinese believed gave good results for health.

How magical is tea water when used to make rice?

Using tea water for cooking rice not only imparts the effects of defatting, mouth cleansing, and improving digestion, it also offers many preventive functions for health care. According to nutritional studies, frequent consumption of rice made with tea water helps to prevent the following five illnesses:

1. Cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Phenol and polyphenol compounds are the main ingredients of tea. Scientists have validated that tea polyphenols can enhance the elasticity of the microcirculatory system leading to a reduction or cessation of broken capillaries and bleeding. Moreover, the compounds can also reduce blood cholesterol and inhibit atherosclerosis. Older people may prevent incidences of CVD by frequently consuming rice made of tea for a strong microcirculation and low blood cholesterol.

The phenol and polyphenol compounds in tea
The phenol and polyphenol compounds in tea can enhance the elasticity of the microcirculatory system. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

2. Gastrointestinal tumors

Tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis of nitrosamine in the human body, which is a carcinogen. Consequently, gastrointestinal tumors may be prevented.

3. Stroke

One cause of stroke is the generation of lipid hydroperoxide in the body, which causes blood vessels to lose elasticity. The tannic acid contained in tea can retard the synthesis of lipid hydroperoxide and help serve as an effective preventative for stroke.

4. Digestive problems

In the medical book Herbalism published in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it says: “Long-term consumption of rice made of tea water makes people slim.” This indicates that the regular consumption of rice prepared with tea water helps improve digestion and helps with fat decomposition.

5. Dental diseases

Tea also contains fluoride which is essential to tooth quality. If a little fluoride can constantly bathe the tooth tissue, the resilience and acid resistance of teeth can be enhanced. As a result, dental caries may be prevented.

Tea also contains fluoride, which can improve the resilience and acid resistance of teeth. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)


In order to cook rice with tea water, start by soaking a few tea leaves in boiling water. Once the leaves have spread, pour the water through a filter to remove the leaves and use the water for cooking.


1. Do not use an excessive amount of tea leaves.

2. Do not let the tea leaves soak overnight.

3. Consume the tea-made rice with foods rich in protein and iron.

Translated by Jean Chen

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