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Wen Pinrong’s Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine (Part II)

When talking about the cause of illness, Dr. Wen Pinrong, who treats a high volume of outpatients, said confidently: “Data on outpatients shows that 80 percent of patients have inharmonious family lives and out of these, 90 percent of these have inharmonious relationships between husband and wife.” Lives lived with sentiment suffer from emotions. You must follow the course of nature and the principles of Heaven to go back to the path of health. The true meaning of life will be revealed as well.

Great comfort comes from the harmony of Heaven and self

To follow the course of nature, You must understand the way the universe works. Dr. Wen said: “Chinese medicine treatment includes emotion, reason, and the law. ‘Zhong’ in Chinese medicine not only refers to Chinese, but most importantly means neutralization and intermediary. Chinese medicine is the intermediary between humans and the universe. The body and the universe must reach harmony and balance. Of course, the theory sounds high-flying, but at least we should aim to live in peace with ourselves to be healthy and comfortable.”

People ignorantly waste their youth. They spend the first half of their lives working hard for their families. Not until they reach their 40s or 50s do they consider the meanings of life when they have sickness or when their family members pass away. Many wealthy and powerful people are not healthy or happy. They also think about the meaning of life. How can they live to be natural people? This is why Dr. Wen’s new book, Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine: Emotion, Sense, the Law, and Heaven, mentions cultivation many times. Not only do patients have to cultivate health, doctors are no exception. Dr. Wen met several Chinese medicine practitioners who had read the book and asked why they had acupuncture treatment according to the acupoints described in the book, but the effect was not good.

Dr. Wen's new book "Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine: Emotion, Sense, the Law, and Heaven". (Provided by Boda Publishing House)
Dr. Wen’s new book ‘Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine: Emotion, Sense, the Law, and Heaven.’ (Provided by Boda Publishing House)

She said: “There are several conditions needed to get good results. For example, the trust from the patient and the high skill levels of the doctor. If the needle only touches the ‘skin,’ not the ‘illness,’ of course it cannot be cured. Curing illness would touch the very micro level and materials from another dimension. It is very likely that even the doctor will be injured… I have several cases of injury. Since we are from the universe, our bodies have layers, from the layer of molecules, the layer of protons, to the layer of neutrons, to quarks… are there more layers after that? Our wisdom has not reached that level, so we cannot see to that level. When doing acupuncture, I found out that this dimension is not the only one. I hope that I can cure the disease without being hurt by another space. At least I must practice and I need to maintain medical ethics. Although there are many bad substances in this universe, the whole universe would help you if you want to do good things. You need to have a pure heart. I am very fortunate to practice Falun Gong. Many doctors stop acupuncture. When they see that they really need to cure the disease, they stop, because one does not know how to protect oneself when treating patients. If Chinese medicine practitioners need to improve medical skills, they must cultivate and practice; otherwise, they will become a mediocre doctor only treating minor problems with bones and muscles, headache and foot pain, etc. If one really wants to help people treat diseases, they must practice cultivation.”

Dr. Wen, who has practiced Falun Gong for many years, said: “Generally speaking, when you practice cultivation, you will think of being a monk and going to deep mountains. Therefore, Mr. Li Hongzhi (founder of Falun Gong) is truly great. He introduced us to a cultivation practice that allows you to accommodate family and work requirements and practice in ordinary human society. There are no deep theories that are hard to understand. You just need to get rid of your attachments. Attachments make you suffer. People are not happy because they hold onto things they are attached to. Nothing more. Practicing Falun Gong does not require you to give up property or the current way of life. If people want to be healthy, they must transform their cellular energy, and they must cultivate. This is why I have talked about cultivation many times in this book.”

The truth about cancer

Dr. Wen said that more and more, Western medicine’s view on cancer is that cancer is not cured, it just goes into remission. One chapter in Dr. Wen’s new book is called “The Strategy of Beauty.” It mentions that Chinese medicine treats cancer with mild and solid medicines to nourish energy and have the patient regain his energy, while “luring the sickness into a trap.” It is totally different from Western medicine that cuts the tumor and hurts the body. Chinese medicine turns out to have a great effect. Is it possible that human beings have always blamed tumors by mistake? Tumors turn out to be the most daring force of the body, not the enemy.

Dr. Wen said: “Everyone has cancer cells. Why do some people have tumors and some people do not? Because cancer cells grow in an anaerobic state. What is the anaerobic state? It has the fastest speed, such as athletes’ rapid movement under the explosive force.” Dr. Wen stated: “In my opinion, cancer cells are similar to defending soldiers, the bravest troops of the human body defense system. The most elite troops.”

Dr. Wen believes that a tumor is formed when the human body sends out elite troops to surround the enemy when a virus attacks. The emergence of a tumor is a surrounding battlefield, or like a virus sheltering the surrounding enemies. If the individual is healthy and has strong immune system capabilities, the virus is naturally eliminated. If the individual is weak and their combat ability is not good, the enemy will sit on this military base with stubborn resistance, and finally break through the defense and spread through the whole body.

“There are so many tissues that are found in a tumor. Why do we only find cancer cells? It is not possible. There must be other things that we can’t see. Why is that? Because the virus is more microscopic than what we can see ourselves. So we can’t see the carcinogenic factors. In fact, it is still there.” Dr. Wen explained that this is why once Western medicine cuts a tumor and removes cancer cells, the cancer cells soon begin to metastasize and spread. She said: “We give it a chance to escape. Once it secretly gathers and quietly grows up, it recurs and metastasizes. So when we treat cancer cells, we usually do not use intense drugs. The speed of dealing with cancer is very slow, but at least the situation will stabilize, instead of worsen.”

Chinese medicine treats cancer with mild and solid medicines to nourish energy. (Image: Screen Shot / Youtube)

Dr. Wen’s “beauty plan” is as follows: The first strategy is to take some delicious food to seduce the murderer, such as various Chinese herbs. Once it cannot eat anymore, it will die; the second strategy is to strengthen the body and return it to resonance with the cosmos. By nourishing life between the sun, the Earth, and the sky, you can cleanse the individual in order to achieve a realm of self-healing.

Food therapy and the art of Chinese medicine

The second part of the book talks about medicinal materials. Dr. Wen said: “Because the awareness of healthcare in China has increased, the export of medicinal materials dropped. Taiwan used to rely on importing medicinal materials from China, and now it has reduced imports, leading to price hikes. You should maintain health with everyday substances and reserve medicine for those who are really in need. She has collected ancient Chinese medicine recipes, including recipes passed down from patients’ ancestors. She hopes to improve peoples’ health. She said: “Chinese medicine is very life-oriented and it is found in every part of life.”

The book also mentions the medical cases of many children. Dr. Wen said: “Because people do not have as many children nowadays, parents rush to feed them medicine if they have some symptoms, such as a cough, fever, cold, etc. It hurts our children. In the U.S., doctors do not prescribe cold medicine to children under six, as it might hurt the heart and kidneys. There are also cases of death from heart failure due to cold medicine. In fact, children are pure, with strong energy. Sickness comes and goes quickly. We just need to take care of their health.” There are more and more parents who have Chinese medicine healthcare concepts. They take children to acupuncture regularly. This not only successfully adjusts their physical fitness, but also improves their intellectual performance.

According to Dr. Wen, acupuncture can successfully adjust a child physically while also improving their intellectual performance. (Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

She said: “Many people think to adjust the height during adolescence using Chinese medicine, but it is too late. We know that if children cannot grow tall when they are young, it is due to weak innate kidneys. It needs to be adjusted earlier. Some children have bad teeth, such as bad shape, yellow teeth, etc. It can be cured by simple acupuncture to adjust the stomach and kidneys. Some also have myopia. It can be cured the fastest in early childhood. It might be caused by electronics. It can be cured the best before 3 years old. Another good timing is before 6 years old. The sooner they are treated, the better.”

Dr. Wen said that Taiwan includes Chinese medicine in the medical school curriculum. The United States also included acupuncture in the military nursing program. However, the acupuncture names were replaced by numbers, losing the original connotation. Dr. Wen said: “Western medical science is only two hundred years old. It updates their theory and medicine every five years. If doctors do not continue with study, they will soon be disconnected. Western medicine confirms more and more the theory of ancient Chinese medicine. But it is a pity that we have not cherished Chinese medicine and carried it forward. There are still many masters of pure Chinese medicine in Taiwan among people.”

In addition to her busy schedule in treating patients, Dr. Wen continues to learn. She also writes to promote Chinese medicine. She said: “In fact, many Chinese medicine practitioners read my books. Some readers told me that they do not understand what I wrote about acupuncture points. It is because these are not for them. I wrote the book with sincerity, sharing my thoughts to write down my experiences in treating patients. What is the focus of a disease, its unique point, where is the key point, where is the target, where is the battle point… I wrote about these in medical cases, so doctors can master it soon.”

Written by Chen Bainian

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