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Chinese Teen Caught Impersonating China Southern Airlines Flight Attendant

Heard about anyone posing as a flight attendant and living in an airport just because they wanted to be one? Well, such an incident did happen in China. But what is interesting is that the “person” who did this is just a 13-year-old girl!

Impersonating a flight attendant

It was at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport that the girl, Luo Siqi, was found. She was wearing a uniform that is identified with the flight attendants of China Southern Airlines. And to the surprise of the police, she also had a few documents related to the airline.

On questioning her, the police found out that Luo has done this before — worn the dress of the flight attendant and wandered through the airport. When asked about why she does this, Luo gave a very strange reply — “I love the blue sky and I always dreamt of flying. I wanted to stay at the airport so I could be close to my dream,” she is quoted replying to the authorities by the Global Times.

She had bought the uniform from an online shop called Taobao.com, which incidentally matched those worn by the female flight attendants of China Southern Airlines. Luo bought four different suits to match with the four seasons of China. A single dress is estimated to cost up to 3,000 Yuan.

People were impressed by her impersonating skills.

Right from her selection of the uniform to the way she spoke to those around her, Luo was able to fool everyone into thinking that she actually worked at the airport. In fact, even the regular employees at the airport were not able to tell that she was a fake.

And considering that Guangzhou Baiyun is one of the busiest airports in China, the fact that she could bypass all security of the place also makes her impersonation quite impressive.

(Image credit: By JKT-c (Taken by JKT-c.) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
(Image: JKT-c (Taken by JKT-c.) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

However, Luo did not start with impersonation just because of her interest in airports. There is a much deeper, sadder reason why she impersonates the flight attendant.

Psychological Issues

According to certain reports, the child is suffering from psychological issues.

She is apparently an orphan who lives in a welfare home and is raised by adoptive parents.

But because she is not happy with her situation, Luo tends to run away from the home every now and then.

It has been observed in many people, especially in children, that they often tend to latch on to a specific interest when they are alone. This interest essentially becomes the focal point of their life, something to aspire towards. And by doing so, they escape the harsh, boring reality of everyday existence. Not surprisingly, Luo was exhibiting such psychological traits.

After all, it is likely not just by chance that a young girl trying to escape from her foster home impersonated a flight attendant whose job involves traveling consistently away from home to foreign locations.

Even when she was being taken back to the welfare home, all Luo had to say to the police was to take her back to the airport. And although we don’t actually know what goes on inside the determined brain of hers, we sincerely hope that Luo does officially become a flight attendant when she grows up. After all, of those who can be said to be born with a purpose, Luo would certainly be a good example.

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