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Hong Kong Mall and Chinese New Year: Time for Decorations

Of all the Chinese holidays, Chinese New Year is the most revered, as it brings together family members from all parts of China.

Chinese New Year is never celebrated on the same date.

(Image Credit: Jenny Jostel / Vision Times)
Pandas celebrate Chinese New Year with lots of bamboo. (Image Credit: Jenny Jostel / Vision Times)


In 2018 Chinese New Year falls on February 16.

This date is determined by the Chinese Lunar calendar. In line with the lunar calendar exists the Chinese Zodiac, the coming year will be “the year of the dog.”

Traditionally, Chinese New Year comprises a period of 15 days.

Not just people’s homes, but also the streets and stores, restaurants and malls get beautifully decorated.

In Hong Kong, for example, you can find New Year’s decorations in parks, local markets, and shopping malls.

Revolving lantern with imagery of famous places in Hong Kong
Revolving Lantern with imagery of famous places in Hong Kong. (Image Credit: Jenny Jostel / Vision Times)

Vison Times Photographer Jenny Jostel shares some pictures of her experience in Hong Kong. She visited its streets and walked among the crowds of people going about their daily lives, secretly awaiting the annually repeating big-day.

Should you ever visit Hong Kong and be able to experience Chinese New Year, don’t miss the Chinese New Year parade on the second day of New Year. It has been the highlight of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong for more than 20 years now.

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