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Mosquitoes Hate Sesame Oil!

Could it be? Could the choice between mosquito bites and toxic DEET-filled insect repellents finally be over. (Sorry, but we know the natural brands and recipes don’t cut it).

We found this on the travel section of Chinese social network Weibo. The age-old Chinese secret of applying sesame oil to keep the mozzies from biting actually works.

Read it and weep you little blood sucking vampires (my affectionate nickname for mosquitoes).

“This afternoon, I took my son to buy a pair of shoes. The owner looked at my son’s feet and said: “Why are there so many mosquito bites?” I said helplessly: “Because there are too many mosquitoes, and although the stores claim their mosquito repellents are all natural, they still have chemicals.”

The owner told me the oldest and most natural way to keep mosquitoes away.  He said when they often go hiking in the mountains, mosquitoes will be all around them, but as long as they apply a few drops of sesame oil to their faces, hands, and feet, and even a little on the baby, the mosquitoes disappear.

I was so happy to find out this method, and was ready to go home and try it. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)
I was so happy to find out this method, and was ready to go home and try it. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

I was so happy to find out this method, and was ready to go home and try it. Before I took my son to the park, I put a drop of sesame oil in my hands and applied to my son’s feet and face.

There were three mosquitos around him, but none of them actually bit him. Suddenly, my son had a shield to protect him from being bitten. The mosquitos still flew around him for about five minutes, but then gave up and came to bite me because I did not put sesame oil on. So, it works!

If any of you readers try this out, please post your results below. Did it work? How long before you needed to reply? Also, being an oil, it may make the skin more susceptible to burning in the sun, just something to consider.

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