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The Monkeys of Mount Emei

Mount Emei in Sichuan Province, China, is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. With an elevation of 10,000 feet, and an area of 60 square miles, Mount Emei is known for its steep-sided terrain, stunning scenery, various microclimates, and diverse vegetation. Mount Emei is also a renowned sacred mountain to followers of Buddhism. Under certain weather conditions, a halo can be seen at the top of the mountain. Some people consider the halo to be an appearance of the Buddha. Many people have practiced Buddhism here since the first Buddhist temple was built here in A.D. 1.

Of all the wild animals inhabiting Mount Emei, the monkeys are the most famous. They are not shy at all. They often walk up to tourists and beg for food. If people refuse to feed them, some have been known to go through the tourists’ pockets or bags to look for themselves. Therefore, people often initiate giving food to the monkeys. The interaction between monkeys and humans creates an interesting scene on Mount Emei.

Emei monkey-1
Monkeys are the most famous animal on Mount Emei. Some are aggressive, while others are friendly. This one seems to be in the latter group, at least for the moment. (Image: Xiao Yue/Vision Times)

Emei monkey-2
In winter, a mother monkey carrying her baby sits in the sun for warmth. (Image: Xiao Yue/Vision Times)

Emei monkey-3
A hungry monkey is enjoying the lunch some tourists provided. (Image: Xiao Yue/Vision Times)

Emei monkey-6
Not afraid of people, a monkey is sitting on a railing along the trail that tourists often walk on. (Image: Xiao Yue/Vision Times)

Emei monkey-8
For some of monkeys on Mount Emei, giving up on begging for food is not a choice. They will do whatever they can to get more food, even if it means going through someone’s purse. (Image: Xiao Yue/Vision Times)

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