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10 Benefits of Sitting in the Cross-Legged Lotus Position

Sitting cross-legged is regarded as the most basic form of meditation postures. How you sit will affect the level of tranquility you reach during meditation.

For a beginner, this is a very important foundation.

  1. Everyone can achieve sitting in the lotus position, with the legs crossed, even if you begin practicing at the age of 60.
  1. Sitting cross-legged is not only good for the bones, but can also open up the meridians.
  1. It is said that even if you have succeeded in being able to sit in lotus position, you still have to continue and consistently do the crossed-legged sitting posture every day for at least 20 minutes. The energy formed is said to enable you to climb a mountain like a young man, even at the age of 70. Apparently, it can also help you attain a state free of sickness.
  1. As you practice the cross-legged sitting posture, gradually there will be no pain during meditation. You can become relieved of waist pain, your kidneys will be energetically vitalized, and your upright sitting posture will benefit greatly.
  1. In the beginning, in the first few days of practicing, the legs and then the back of the body might be painful. Only consistent practicing will eventually relieve you of the pain.
  1. As a warm-up, prior to doing the cross-legged posture, you can do a preliminary exercise by opening the legs followed by sitting in the lotus position with the legs crossed. Try to bear the pain as much as you can and without taking your legs down, and with time and practice you will gradually increase your practice time.
  1. The practice of sitting crossed-legged can help to improve gastrointestinal motility. It is said that if you practice after a meal, your stomach will be empty after 20 minutes.
  1. Sitting crossed-legged not only opens up the meridians and the blood circulation in both legs, it can also help to open up your hip joints.
  1. When sitting crossed-legged, your ankles will press against the artery of the inner thigh, resulting in the heart putting in more effort to pump blood; the goal is the opening up the arteries in both legs.
  1. As a result of the heart putting in more effort to pump more blood to open up the arteries of both legs, the other internal organs will also benefit by receiving a greater blood supply, which in return could also improve their functions, while at the same time, accelerating the blood supply to the brain.

Translated by: Chua BC

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