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Former Student Released From Prison Gains Entry to Key National University

News has emerged of a former high school student, who was released last year from prison, taking part in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination of the Republic of China and scoring with flying colors to secure a place at a key national university.

Li Li, born to a rural family in China’s Jiangxi Province, was a high school student who had scored high enough to enroll at the Beijing Science and Technology University at the age of 16. His family was poor and he had to take up part-time jobs to raise the tuition fees.

This deprived him of the time to focus on his studies, resulting in his poor examination performance. He spent six years in university and failed to graduate. This, coupled with his speech disorder (stuttering), led to depression.

Li came up with a plan to rob a bank to repay his parents the money for bringing him up before he committed suicide. This happened in 2009, when Li took a hostage at knife-point at the Bank of China, which was located inside the university campus, and stole 100,000 yuan.

After five hours, he was caught by police. This was sensational news in Mainland China. Li’s university, including the students, pleaded for leniency on his behalf. Li Li was finally given a lighter sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.

Li studied and worked very hard in prison. In November 2016, Li Li was given an early release from prison. In less than a year, Li took the National Higher Education Entrance examination and received a score of 598 to secure a place at a key national university.

When netizens heard the news, they praised Li Li for his willpower and hard work to realize this achievement.

Translated by: Chua BC

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