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A 9-Year-Old from Hong Kong Earns Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent

Celine Tam from Hong Kong was awarded the Golden Buzzer after her amazing performance during the second round of the 2017 season of America’s Got Talent. The award gives her immediate entry into the televised quarterfinals.

In the preliminary round, 9-year-old Celine Tam, a big fan of Canadian singer Celine Dion, sang her classic My Heart Will Go On, which left a deep impression on the audience and judges. In the second round, Tam sang Michael Bolton’s How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. The audience gave her a standing ovation.

Actress Laverne Cox, who was invited as a special guest judge, was astonished by her performance and praised her talent. In the middle of speaking with Celine, Cox suddenly pressed the Golden Buzzer, resulting in a cloud of confetti dropping from above the surprised young girl. The audience and other judges applauded, signifying their agreement with Cox’s decision.

Please watch this video of Celine Tam’s performance:


The Golden Buzzer was created in 2014 to allow each judge to send a contestant straight into the quarterfinals once per season, whether or not any of the other judges agree or not. This is equivalent to receiving a win without fighting by allowing the contestant to bypass the hurdles to get into the quarterfinals.

Interestingly enough, another 9-year-old girl from the U.S., Angelica Hale, was also awarded the Golden Buzzer in the second round. These two young girls will take part in the televised competition in what is expected to be a captivating contest.

Translated by Chew BK.

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