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A Promising Future

Kindness, tolerance, concentration, and a sense of responsibility are prerequisites to enjoying a promising future for a child. These are excellent qualities that have positive effects on their lives. If your child has these traits, then you should be congratulated, as they will most likely have a bright future.

Pure and kind

A child by nature is pure and kind. Who does not want to make friends with a kind person? With many  friends, the chances of meeting other good people are high. Kindness is the basic quality for a person’s success.

Praising others

A child who often praises and encourages others has a kind heart. Moreover, when a child sincerely praises others, they see the strength of others and become a better person. One who knows how to appreciate others is broad-minded because they have learned to accommodate other people’s shortcomings.

Children learn by exploring their environment. (Image: Wellspring Community School via flicker / CC BY 2.0 )
Children learn by taking responsibility. (Image: Wellspring Community School via flicker / CC BY 2.0 )


For a child, persistence means being able to focus on doing one thing. With the exception of playing electronic games, when a child is reading, writing, listening to music, or playing with toys, they are focusing on doing one thing and parents should be happy with their performance.

Taking responsibility

There are some parents who are afraid to let their child take responsibility. They even teach their child not to be too proud. As a result, the child becomes submissive, hesitate to do things, and has a difficult time formulating their own ideas. As they grow into adulthood, others may not entrust them with important assignments because they lack the confidence and ability to tackle difficult problems.

Translated by Chua BC.

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