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5 Characteristics of a Successful Man

In marriage or in the workplace, five telltale signs can help you identify whether a man is decent, is worthy to associate with, or is someone you want as a partner in business. For a man, his tastes determine his ability, which in turn determines his financial success. To evaluate a man’s potential, look at the following five attributes:

1. His hobbies

A man with career ambitions will not indulge himself in smoking, alcohol, gambling, and woman. He will concentrate on one or two hobbies, such as jogging, fitness exercises, chess games, sports, or reading, etc.

This will not only cultivate a good character and physical well-being, but it will also make him more charismatic, thereby attracting like-minded people. A man’s hobbies define his circle of friends, and his circle of friends defines his career accomplishments.

2. His residence

According to Chinese tradition, it is always the woman’s responsibility to clean the house, and this is precisely the place to examine a man’s tastes, particularly for a single man. As the old saying goes, if you do not clean the house, how can you clean the world?

This saying is very true, as supported by a study conducted by the Harvard Business School. The study concluded that a happy and successful man typically lives in a clean, tidy, and organized residence.

3. His circle of friends

A man with good qualities exercises restraint and self-control. He keeps a low profile and rarely brags about his accomplishments. This is what earns him respect among his circle of friends.

4. Demeanor

A man with good manners is considerate and caring; for example, he will give up his seat to elderly people, women, or small children on public transit, and even take the blame for another’s mistake. A well-mannered man is always welcomed in society.

5. His partner

Many people say that the highest measure of a man is the type of woman he marries, and this determines the lifestyle he leads.

Behind every successful man is a refined, kind, and understanding woman. In the face of adversity, his partner is supportive, comforting, and provides encouragement for him to make a comeback. When he is proud, she reminds him not to get too carried away.

Having these five attributes, such a man is destined to have an extraordinary life!

Translated by Chua BC

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