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Teach Your Children These Simple Things to Be Successful

There are more important factors than education if you want to increase the possibility of your children having a high annual income in the future. Professor Koichi Shimizu of Osaka University in Japan believes that if parents bring up their children well, their future annual income might be 860,000 Yen (approximately US$7800) higher than others.

ETNEWS made a report on a Japanese variety show called Teacher Lin Also Did Not Know This Thing. Professor Koichi Shimizu pointed out that if parents teach their children to keep their promises, greet others loudly, and not to tell lies, it can uplift their extra-curricular skills (meaning outside the school curriculum) that include self-control, endurance, communication skill, perseverance, and so on.

The program mentioned that children can develop self-control through the simplest ways by normal things they do in their daily lives. For example, having fixed sleeping and waking times, and getting used to meeting deadlines when performing any tasks.

In addition, children should “hold up their head high and push out their chest.” Adjusting the standing and sitting position not only can improve the posture, but also enhance a child’s concentration.

It was reported that parents would be able to assess whether their children have self-control and the ability to resist temptation from these small gestures in daily life. In a study, 10 kindergarten children were each given a piece of chocolate, and the host told them that if they can resist eating the chocolate for 15 minutes, they will be given another piece. This was done to test the children’s self-control.

A child’s ability for self-control can have a great impact on their future; thus, it is important that a child develops good habits from a young age. From a child’s daily routines — such as dressing up, table manners, and fixed sleeping and waking times — they will develop basic behavior that can influence their future in terms of education, work, income, and even in their married life.

Professor Koichi Shimizu pointed out that the parents’ language, behavior, and gestures can affect children’s behavior and attitudes. Schools, teachers, friends, and interactive training also play an important role in improving a child’s self-control and tolerance.

In addition, research shows that those students who often participate in community works and extracurricular activities will have higher incomes in the future.

Translated by Chua BC and copyedited by Alan Cheung

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