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3D Street Art: The Susceptibility of the Mind to Illusion

In this day and age of modern art and music, a lot of emphasis is laid on the power of expression — drawing lines, shapes, and mixing colors together — to form a collage describing the artist’s mood, emotions, and state of mind.

This being so, more or less, sometimes you still stumble onto artwork so realistic in its rendering that it seems the apple is edible or the person rendered just might reach out to shake your hand.

3D street art

A 3D street painting is actually referred to as an anamorphic painting. While street art itself is quite popular in many countries, some artists have taken it to another level — 3D street art.  The motives are simple, but the effect is enormous. What does that mean?

Photo Credit: uroburos via Pixabay CC1.0
Waterfall 3D street painting. Photo Credit: uroburos via Pixabay CC1.0

Most 3D street artworks can literally play a trick on your mind. Having walked down the street dozens of times before, you are now put into the difficult task of judgment. Do you believe the product of your mind, confused by what the eyes see, or trust your weary memory?

A man admires a 3D street painting showing a hole in the ground, into which people are unwillingly sliding. Photo Credit: blogqudewe via Flickr CC2.0
A man admires a 3D street painting showing a hole in the ground into which people are unwillingly sliding.Photo Credit: blogqudewe via Flickr CC2.0

Someone terrified of height will avoid circumstances where they are confronted with it. Now suddenly, strolling down the central city street, your heartbeat races, a drop of cold sweat slowly makes its way down your forehead. What just happened?

Well, stepping on a 3D street artwork can cause a sane mind to believe the ground has torn open and all that stands between the molten lava stream bellow and yourself is the slim pillar of rock on which you seemingly stand.

3D Street Painting- A man reaches to grab his child. Playing out the optical illusion. Photo Credit: Tracy Torres via Flickr CC1.0
3D street painting: A man reaches to grab his child, playing out the optical illusion. Photo Credit:
Tracy Torres
 via Flickr CC1.0

Is everyone susceptible to illusions?

A tweet on Twitter regarding the same question says the following: “If you can’t be fooled by optical illusions, you’re a robot or lying. “

Why does the brain fall for optical illusions?

It would be far-fetched to say any scientist knows the answer.  But at least some sources like Abbott on Twitter offer comfort with the promise of having an answer to why the brain falls for specific illusions.

According to a statement made in an article on The Week:

Evolutionary neurobiologist Mark Changizi says the following about what makes you susceptible to being tricked by optical illusions:

Is this possibly the reason why 3D street art is so capable of tricking your brain?

Where to experience  3D illusion artworks

If you would like to experience street art yourself and are willing to travel for it, you can find some venues and dates on the website amazing street painting, for both the United States and Europe.

3D Art Illusions-Street Art that Seems Three-Dimensional Video:

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