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Fresh Breast Milk Now on the Market in China

Mainland China’s repeated infant milk powder food safety issues have given rise to the selling of fresh human breast milk, and even the existence of “professional nannies.” Even though breast milk does not fall under the category of general food resources, selling of breast milk is illegal.

However, this has not stopped people from profiting from selling breast milk using a network platform. Media outlet Huaxi Dushi Bao has reported that some network platforms are selling breast milk ranging from 15 to 60 yuan. One site was found advertising a 250 ml fresh bag of breast milk for 150 yuan.

It was also reported that the middlemen are being cautious, requiring buyers to provide birth certificates or addresses before purchasing, with some only selling to mothers from nearby communities using a courier to deliver it.

An unnamed person in the industry has revealed that if the milk production from a lactating mother is sufficient, they could earn up to 8000 yuan per month.

Lawyers from Sichuan Yingji Law Firm said:

Translated by: Chua BC

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