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How to Make a Soybean Pillow

It is common knowledge that problems related to the neck are challenging. There are numerous neurons in the neck, and surgery is highly risky, with potentially serious side effects. Also, when one senses that something is wrong with their neck, its likely to be in a later stage and difficult to cure.

Traditionally, massage therapy has been used to treat problems with the neck. However, if the masseur is not competent, the problem may be aggravated instead of being solved. There is a safe and easy way to protect your neck at a low cost — make a pillow with soybeans.

A soybean pillow massages and supports your neck as it fits into the space between the neck and the mattress. Because the hardness of soybeans is similar to human bones, it supports the neck, allowing it to relax while improving cerebrovascular circulation. It also helps to relieve headaches due to neck ailments and improves sleeping.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that has been passed down to us. It offers information about sleep health. (Image: Rachel via flicker / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
There is a safe and easy way to protect your neck at a low cost – make a pillow with soybeans. (Image: Rachel via flicker / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

How to make a soybean pillow

Purchase 1.5-2 kg of dry soybeans. Only dry beans can be used to avoid germination or the attraction of insects.

Make a bag about 50×20 cm in size or use a large sock. Put in the soybeans and sew or tie the opening to make a cylinder shape. The volume of soybeans can be adjusted until one feels comfortable with the pillow.

Translated by Audrey Wang.

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