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This 5-Year-Old Cares for Her Grandma and Great-Grandma

What is the life of an average 5-year-old like? Having fun in kindergarten, learning the piano, joining dance classes, and most of all, growing up under the loving care of a mother, father, and a couple of doting grandparents? To many — maybe — but not to 5-year-old Anna Wang.

Her father is in prison and her mother remarried, so the burden has fallen onto Anna to become the sole carer of her household.

The Chinese news site PTT01 Entertainment News recently reported her plight. In a small village in the remote mountain region of Guizhou in China, little Anna cares for the only adults in her home — her sick grandmother and 92-year-old great-grandmother.

anna meal
Anna preparing a meal for her grandmothers. (Image: NTDTV)

When Anna was 3 months old, her mother left home to remarry. It was then that Anna’s grandmother cared for Anna, raising her from infancy. She taught Anna to do the household chores, and now, at 5 years old, Anna has become the strongest family member in the house and shoulders all the work.

(Image: NTDTV)
Anna helps her grandmother freshen-up in the morning. (Image: NTDTV)

In the morning, Anna helps her grandmother to freshen-up and go to the toilet. Then, she prepares breakfast and feeds her grandmother. In addition to preparing three meals a day, Anna must take care of the cleaning, washing, and harvesting of vegetables from the neighbor’s farmland for their sustenance.

Anna gathers vegetables from her neighbor’s farmland for her family. (Image: NTDTV)

Though she is just a child, Anna acts like an adult in order to take care of the old and weak in her care. She lives a very hard life. Yet she harbors no complaints, and only hopes for the good health of her grandmothers, and that they may continue to keep her company.

Afraid that she may forget how her father looks, Anna carries his photo and looks at it often. When the pressure becomes too much, she can only cry out for him in pain. (Image: NTDTV)

Anna worries that her grandmothers may leave her one day. She is afraid that she may even forget how her father looks. She carries his photo with her, and often looks at it, hoping for his return. When the pressure becomes too much to bare, poor Anna cries her heart out, and acts like a 5-year-old should.

Translated by Cecilia
Copyedited by Stefania

Original article: http://www.ntdtv.com/xtr/gb/2017/03/24/a1317315.html

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