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Chinese Legends: Gods Love Justice

Li Chifu said: “The gods love justice, meaning that if a person can stick to justice, then he will be blessed by gods. However, the demons most fear a righteous man. The devils can never be more capable than a man who has virtue. But if a family or a society loses virtue, the devils will thrive.”

In the Ming Dynasty, a scholar, whose name was Chingching, went to attend an examination in order to become a high-ranking government official. When travelling to Chunhua County, he lodged with a local family.

The daughter of the house had long been possessed by a ghost. Every night, the ghost came to bother this girl.

Fourth section of the Hungry Ghosts Scroll located at the Tokyo National Museum. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Fourth section of the Hungry Ghosts Scroll located at the Tokyo National Museum. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

However, when Chingching stayed in the house, strangely enough, the ghost did not come that night and so the girl had a quiet, serene, and happy night.

The next day, after Chingching left, the ghost came again in the evening. The girl asked the ghost: “Why didn’t you come last night?” Without thinking, the ghost truthfully told her: “I did not come to avoid meeting scholar Chingching!”

After the ghost left at dawn, the daughter told her father about this. The father immediately ran after Chingching, asking him to come back to live in his home and telling him the truth.

Immediately, Chingching wrote down four big characters: “Chingching is right here!” Her father took this back and posted it at the door. Since then, the ghost has never dared to come again.

Chingching was righteous and loved justice. Today, he is still appreciated and admired by people.

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