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7 Ways to Break Bad Habits That Hold You Back in Life  

You tell yourself that you work hard every day, and yet you still feel like you’re unhappy with where your life is at the moment. Have you ever wondered if maybe what is holding you back is your own bad habits? You may not even realize what you’re doing. Below are some of the most common bad habits, and what you can do to stop yourself from doing them.

Stop trying to be a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist does not make you a hard worker. Sorry to break it to you. Now, you should definitely strive for success and excellence, but do not go overboard with it. Sometimes spending too much time trying to make something perfect can cause you to miss your deadlines. Get it done and move on. Don’t continue thinking about it.

You don’t need the validation of others

Living life for the approval of others is no life to live at all. Constantly seeking validation from others will only make you doubt yourself, and prevent you from acknowledgment of your own hard work.

The good deeds of Zhen Bin. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Have you ever wondered if maybe what is holding you back is your own bad habits? (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

It’s okay to be vulnerable and raw

Being standoffish and tough may keep others out, but it only deflects your ability to have real relationships with other people. We are all human, and it is important to remind yourself of that. If you must cry, do it.

If you want to laugh because something is funny, then laugh. No one will judge you for these emotions. In fact, they would appreciate you even more knowing that you are just human.

Learn to let the little things go

Stubbornness is not a great quality. Everyone will experience some type of conflict in their lives. The true test is how you deal with that conflict that exemplifies your character. If you choose to let your pride get in the way of forgiveness, then you will forever allow your emotions to get the best of you.

Control it with your own willingness to stop sweating the small stuff, and allowing your mind to be free of constant bitterness.

Give every single person the time of day

You never know what you may learn from the deli clerk at the supermarket or the CEO of the largest company in the city. You are no better than any person next to you. Have conversations with these people and see what walks of life they come from. You’ll be learning more than you know from each and every one of them.

Working out in the open environment induces a level of mental stimulation that gym workouts can never compare. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)
If you want to be healthy and start working out more, then go buy a good pair of shoes and start your routine. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Stop waiting for the best thing to happen to you

Do you really think that all these successful people had success fall right into their laps? No, they earned their successes by working hard for them. If you want to be healthy and start working out more, then go buy a good pair of shoes and start your routine. The only person who can change your life and make things happen for you is YOU.

Don’t procrastinate

Ah, how college has created the procrastination monster. Holding things off until the last minute only increases your levels of stress and anxiety. Learn from the last time, and don’t allow yourself to procrastinate.

Allot certain times each day to work on a big project so that it won’t seem so big at the end. You will feel better knowing that you accomplished small steps each day, rather than stressing about last minute items later.

Written by Eve Kail.

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