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Avoid These Four Types of Remarks

Knowing what to say and what not to say are closely linked with success. Generosity and broad-mindedness are hallmarks of success. In striving to be more mindful about how you communicate with others, here are four remarks that you should try to avoid. 


Complaining is not as good as a shrug or a smile. It’s never good to accuse nature or bad luck for your misfortune. Although it is okay to grumble sometimes, you should’t complain all the time. Complaining for a whole day isn’t any more productive than sulking and not making any effort to try to change the situation. Convert the energy that you put into complaining and discontentment into action, and demonstrate to the world your strength and resourcefulness.


Some people are prone to go off into wild flights of fancy whenever they encounter a trivial setback. The more they think, the more they worry, and the more they engage in self-pity about their situation. Dominated by pessimistic sentiments, they tend to talk illogical nonsense. Such nonsense may help to vent their sentiments, but it also creates negative vibes for listeners. If the situation drags on, who would want to contact such as person. When encountering a trivial setback, the best response is to identify the root cause and find a remedy.

Some people are prone to go off into wild flights of fancy whenever they encounter a trivial setback. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)
Some people are prone to go off into wild flights of fancy whenever they encounter a trivial setback. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)


“If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” is a common quote. Jealousy is a shortcoming many people exhibit on occasion. People sometimes become annoyed and make sarcastic remarks when they see others receiving compliments or awards for success. Their eyes and ears are so sharp that they can pinpoint the most trivial mistakes in everyone they encounter. These people can’t see their own faults, but instead waste their energy critiquing the behavior and actions of others. In time, they themselves become the ones that suffer as they become consumed by negative sentiment.


Many people lose themselves to applause, flowers, and compliments. Success indicates that a person is outstanding in a certain regard; however, they should not lose themselves in the moment. We all have to keep in mind: “There are always other able men beyond an able man.” Wise people know how to restrain themselves, and realize that people who become overly dependent upon compliments from others are weak in character and lack self reliance.

Translated by Leo Chen.

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