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Can Domestic Violence Be Grounds for Personal Injury Claims?

Abuse and violence domestically can happen to anybody. But the common problem is, it is either ignored, denied, or forgiven most of the time. It frequently applies to psychological and emotional abuse rather than physical. Acknowledging the signs of being abused in any aspect is the first move to stop it. It is a fundamental thing in a relationship that no one should live in fear with the person they love and care about. If you think you are one, or you know someone who goes through this kind of situation, you may reach out.

The understanding of domestic violence and abuse

Domestic abuse happens when someone in the relationship (either the man or the woman) wants to dominate and control the other one. This happens because of one sole reason: to claim and maintain control over the one who is abused. An abuser uses different emotions — such as guilt, shame, intimidation, and fear — to control you and keep you under his or her rule. In addition to that, he or she may also threaten, blackmail, and even hurt you and those who are close to you.

There is no discrimination when it comes to domestic abuse and violence. It may also happen in same-sex relationships or marriage and heterosexual partnerships. We all know that women being abused is the most common, but it may also happen to men (verbally and emotionally, most notably). The main point here is, abusive behavior is never acceptable and should never be denied or forgiven. Every person deserves the feeling of being loved and valued.

What are the signs that you are in an abusive relationship?

We never plan to have or be involved in an abusive relationship. As a matter of fact, many people who have gone through that swore to themselves that they would never get into another abusive relationship again.

So, here are some of the signs that what you have is no longer encouraging you to grow, and more importantly, abuses you:

  1. You partner is always jealous — you notice that they are overly possessive, call almost every hour of the day, and visit you randomly without notifying you ahead of time. We know some girls love this, but if it’s already too much to the point that it already chokes and stifles you, then that’s no longer healthy.
  2. Your partner makes you responsible for their feelings — yes, sometimes you tend to make your partner feel a particular emotion. But if this regularly happens, this is no longer good. For example, they always blame you for making them angry, even if you didn’t say or do anything foul. Or they often say such phrases as: “You make me angry,” or “I wouldn’t be pissed if you didn’t do that.”
  3. Verbal abuse is present — most of the time, they say cruel things to you. They also point out some things from the past to hurt you. They sometimes degrade you and curse you to death, and call you nasty names.

If you experience any of these things, free yourself from a miserable life.

How can this be grounds for personal injury claim?

(Image: via unsplash.com / CC0 1.0)
We never plan to have or be involved in an abusive relationship. (Image: via unsplash.com / CC0 1.0)

After all, being hurt (physically, mentally, and emotionally) has adverse effects on you. It may “damage” you, traumatize you, and even make you pity yourself.

What are your rights as a victim?

In a personal injury claim, the merging of physical pain or physically being hurt and emotional distress of a domestic violence victim is usually described as “pain and suffering.” Most of these claims result in a demand for compensation for the pain and suffering the victim has gone through.

Apart from the instant preventive actions like a restraining order, arrest, and prosecution, the abused member of the family may also ask for a monetary amount as compensation for the damage that has been done.


(Image: via pexels.com / CC0 1.0)
Most of these claims result in demand or compensation for the pain and suffering the victim has gone through. (Image: via pexels.com / CC0 1.0)

In this article, we talked about the signs of being abused, how it is understood, grounds in a personal injury claim, and your rights as a victim of such wrongdoing.



Author’s Bio: Linda Allison is a legal researcher by profession and writes on behalf of Richards Harris Law Firm, a company that loudly advocates compassion for human rights violation victims. As a researcher and a writer, she does in-depth researches about personal injury cases that help her master her craft. During her spare time, she also reads about some particular cases that may be helpful in her research.


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