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These Colors Will Bring You Luck in 2017

The Chinese believe the right color can boost your confidence and bring luck. Check out your lucky color if you want 2017 to be a good one.

1. Year of the snake and horse
Fire is the main element for these two animal signs. Red is its color, representing flame and passion. Whether it is crimson, peach, or pink, wearing red can bring you luck in 2017.

2. Year of the rooster and monkey
Both animal signs are metal in nature, and the designated color is green, symbolizing life and growth. For a steady and satisfying 2017, make sure you are in green.

3. Year of the ox, goat, dragon, and dog
These animal signs are earth-centered. Corresponding colors are ocher, brown, black, and grey. Wearing them can increase your luck in money.

4. Year of the rat and pig
Water is the dominant agent for people of these two signs. Symbolizing timelessness, the great family of blues can help you stay safe and steady in the coming year.

5. Year of the tiger and rabbit
Wood being the dominating force for these signs, it mutually overcomes earth, and thus people of these animal signs should avoid overly bright colors. Light colors, especially yellow, can help you attain health and luck in 2017.

Translated by Cecilia Kwan

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