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Flash Mob Performance at Hong Kong Airport Delights Travelers

There’s one thing about classical music: It is far better to see it performed than to hear it performed. While this is true for just about all kinds of music, the multi-layered nature of classical music makes it even more suited for a live performance than any other type of music. And when those performances take place in a public venue, the experience is all the more radical.

Breaking out of the confines of concert halls that have perfect acoustics and controlled environments into the chaos that is a flash mob is quite daring. A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to stage an act or performance for a brief time, then quickly disperse. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

Music conductor and most of the orchestra members on the ground floor. (Screenshot via YouTube)
The MYO recently took a break from their weekly rehearsals to surprise travelers at the Hong Kong International Airport. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO) is one of the finest youth orchestras in Asia. Under the leadership of Synthia Ko, artistic director and chief conductor, more than 250 young musicians build up their repertoire of various styles and periods.

They recently took a break from their weekly rehearsals to surprise travelers at the Hong Kong International Airport with a flash mob performance of Chinese musical favorites. The looks of sheer pleasure on many of the travelers’ faces is just as entrancing as the music.

The beginning act where the conductor arrives at the scene with a luggage and a stick.
Conductor Synthia Ko leads the young musicians with a baton and a piece of luggage. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Getting a large group of young musicians a into a crowed airport terminal without being noticed couldn’t have been easy, but travelers were surprised and delighted when they played five popular pieces, including The Pearl of the Orient, which was composed by the Taiwan musician Tayu Lo, and A Man Should Stand Strong, by the Hong Kong singer George Lam.

Brass and other instruments on the upper floors. (Screenshot via YouTube)
Synthia Ko conducted orchestra members on the ground floor and surrounding mezzanine. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

The songs are held dear by the Chinese people, showing love for Hong Kong and pride in being Chinese. The lyrics of The Pearl of the Orient read:

The MYO is no stranger to flash mob performances. In early 2014, they surprised shoppers at the Pacific Place Mall in the Admiralty area of Hong Kong with a dazzling music performance.

Synthia Ko, the Chief Conductor at the end of the performance. (Screenshot via YouTube)
Conductor Ko at the end of the flash mob performance. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Please watch the MYO flash mob performance here:

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