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Pigs Can Fly, at Least on This Farm in China

While Mainland China media outlets are using headlines such as “Pigs Forced to Commit Suicide,” this is not exactly the situation. Huang Demin, a pig farmer from Ningxiang County, Hunan Province, has come up with a unique way of enhancing the flavor of his pigs.

Every day, he herds his pigs to the top of a high diving platform where they take a leap of faith into a pond six meters below before swimming to shore.

(Image: NTD)
Farmer Huang took fitness training to a whole new level on his farm. (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

Bringing home the bacon

No, this is not a training camp for a new aquatic animal event; rather, as farmer Huang explained:

Farmer Huang told local news outlets that after his “diving and swimming exercises,” the price of his pork has increased almost three times.

Farmer Huang Deming took fitness training to a whole new level. (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)
Farmer Huang’s high flying pigs have made a big splash on China’s social media. (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

PigWorld Ningxiang

As news of the high diving pigs has spread, Huang Demin’s farm and pond have become a local tourist attraction, with curious onlookers snapping selfies as they cheer on their favorite aquatic competitor.

News of the athletic pigs has also spread throughout social media, with netizens posting their thoughts:

Someone jokingly tweeted:

Watch the high-flying action in this video:

Translated by Chew BK.

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